Life Thoughts while channel surfing

Have you been thinking about the craziness that we’ve been seeing on the news lately?
I mean things are just kinda wild &
almost bizzare in what is considered to be "News Worthy" & the resulting discussions or lack thereof in some cases it’s the lack of news which is almost news in itself –
I mean if people actually sat down to think about what their local news & national news spends time on I think they might also wonder "why is this stuff being put up before us as news? Where’s the real news, the reporting of events going on both near & far around the world & that are actually important to our lives? Is another report about a celebrity behaving badly really important to be worthy of such long coverage?"
Is anyone else offended that not only are so many losing their jobs to outsourcing overseas but on top of that there is now a sitcom making fun of those people who have lost their call center jobs to the overseas places? I don’t know but to me this program concept is just a slap in the face to unemployed American Workers, what do you think?
Why is this not being spoken about in the news & why haven’t any group claiming to care for our American Workers not raised a voice to boycott this program & any company that is willing to advertise during that time slot or to tell the national network to pull this program from it’s time slot?
Just wondering
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