[Fwd: A Christmas Day Message from Lt Col Oliver North]

Wanted to share this with others
who want to lift up our Troops

——– Original Message ——–

Dear Patriotic American,

"I immediately reached down – up, really,
since I was upside down – for my legs. I could tell they were gone."

An American Hero, 25-year-old Lt Dan, recalls what
happened to him in August, when an IED blew up under him, in Kandahar
province, near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.

I know this dangerous area well. In what turned out to
be the bloodiest month of the war in Afghanistan, my FOX News team and
I were embedded there in September during our 16th trip to report on
the fight against radical Islamic terror.

Once again, I witnessed American Heroes in action. Like
Lt Dan, those serving in Afghanistan and Iraq today are in harm’s way
and have forfeited the comforts of home and the warmth and affection of
family for the rest of us.

Fortunately, Lt Dan survived and is recovering at Walter
Reed Army Medical Center, where he is being fitted with prosthetic legs.

In the last three months, more than 1,000 Americans have
been wounded in battle in Afghanistan. They and their families have
made extraordinary sacrifices on our behalf.

It has been my great blessing
to have spent most of my life in the company of real American heroes,
all our soldiers, sailors, airmen, Guardsmen and Marines – like the
ones you see pictured here
– who leave their families and risk
their lives to keep America
safe, strong and free.

For these heroes and their families, I
come to you again with an urgent and humble request.

Please open your heart, as you have in the past, with
an urgently-needed gift to our
Freedom Alliance Support
Our Troops
program by GOING HERE.
This is a year-round effort to honor and support:

Our combat-wounded troops
recuperating at military hospitals all around the country,
Children and families of troops
deployed overseas and;

Active duty troops serving
overseas, thousands of miles from their families and friends.

Your generous contribution NOW will make a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in 2010
for our courageous troops in several ways.

FIRST, the Freedom Alliance Support Our Troops program
will continue supporting our wounded and recuperating troops. You may
be surprised to know that there are more than 12,000 servicemen and
women in Warrior Transition Units on military bases all around the
country. These American heroes are recovering from their injuries and
many will return to active duty; others will transition to civilian

With your generous contribution today, by GOING HERE, Freedom Alliance can
put the "MERRY" in Christmas for our injured heroes. Several
of the ways we do this are by

Hosting Troop Appreciation Events, including
dinners and Christmas parties for combat-wounded troops and their
families stationed at military bases and Wounded Warrior Transition
Units around the country to show them how truly grateful our country is
for their sacrifice.

Freedom Alliance will also
deliver Christmas gifts to military families who need our help at this
special time of year
. Last year, through the generosity of Freedom
Alliance supporters, like you, we gave over 5,000 Christmas gift bags
to our wounded servicemembers and their families.

We also provide financial aid grants and gift cards
to servicemen and women in need
. Last year, Freedom Alliance
supporters made it possible for us to provide over $225,000 in
financial aid grants to our brave defenders of freedom in military
hospitals around the United States.

SECOND, the Freedom
Alliance "Gifts from Home"
project ships care packages
to our troops serving overseas. During the Christmas season, we will
ship hundreds of "Gifts from Home" boxes containing thousands of
requested and needed items, including prepaid international calling
cards, candy, toiletries, games, non-perishable food, Germ-X hand
sanitizer, books, magazines, DVDs, CDs and much more!

THIRD, Freedom
Alliance provides support for military families through our "Adopt-A-Military Family" project, which
brings Holiday joy to families in need, with Christmas gifts they might
not otherwise afford – all wrapped and delivered to their homes before

We are turning to you because you have been such a
faithful and generous Freedom Alliance supporter in the past. Will you
please join with me and Freedom Alliance again to pay tribute to our
front-line warriors and their families by GOING HERE to make your most
generous tax-deductible contribution today?

The support and financial assistance you
make possible – now and throughout the New Year – will
show our brave heroes how proud and grateful we are that they fought
for our freedom.

On this Christmas Day, I wish you and your family a
blessed and peaceful holiday. Please keep our Brave Defenders of
Freedom in your thoughts and prayers. God Bless you and your family and
thank you for your generous and faithful support.

Semper Fidelis,

LtCol Oliver North, USMC (Ret.)
Founder and Honorary Chairman

P.S. After Christmas is over, our brave men and women in
uniform will still need our help. Please make your most generous
tax-deductible contribution to Freedom Alliance HERE so we can start 2010
as we finished 2009 – doing all we can to honor our American
servicemembers. God Bless.



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