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Wanted to share this with you so that you’ll be able
try to watch this with your children

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Subject: Webcast: Deserting Darwin: Tonight 7:05 CST
Date: Tue, 08 Dec 2009 18:05:51 -0600
From: Tim Wildmon <contact@afa.net>
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Webcast: Deserting Darwin: The Galapagos Re-Discovered

December 7, 2009

I’d like to call your attention to a very
important radio/Internet simulcast tomorrow night. It’s called, "Deserting
Darwin: The Galapagos Re-Discovered
". Our special guest
will be Doug Phillips, President of Vision Forum. Both he and host
Crane Durham will be discussing the significance of two anniversaries
in 2009. One is the 200th birthday of Charles Darwin and the other is
the 150th anniversary of his work, "On the Origin of Species". Together
these represent a decisive shift in thinking about human origins and
the age of the Earth. As part of the broadcast you’ll hear from Dr.
John Morris of the Institute for Creation Research as well as experts
in law and apologetics.

As a special bonus you’ll be able to view the latest film from
Vision Forum entitled, "The Mysterious Islands". In this beautiful
documentary, Doug Phillips traces Darwin’s voyage with a team of
Christian scientists and investigators to ask a penetrating question –
are these Islands a laboratory of evolution, or a testimony to God’s
marvelous creation?

I hope you’ll make plans to join
us for this important two-hour webcast
, "Deserting
Darwin: The Galapagos Re-Discovered
" tomorrow (Tuesday) night,
December 8th beginning at 8:05 (EST).


Jeff Chamblee
Producer, "Deserting Darwin – The Galapagos Re-Discovered"


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