PizzaRama Windsor CT = Bad Meatball Grinders!

Stay Away from the MeatBall Grinders at PizzaRama Windsor CT unless you enjoy a grinder that is 

Mostly 8 Inches of Bread 
1 small MeatBall Cut in 1/2 on each of the two 4 inch halves & 
No SAUCE???!!! 
Never in almost 50 years have i ever heard of having to Special Request having Sauce on the Grinder
Tried to call & complain but there is no answering machine & no one picking up
So I had to send a fax to the Berlin Shop
The menu is quite deceptive in that it gives the impression that 
the Deluxe is 16 Inches long & includes french fries 
but for the MeatBall Grinders a Deluxe is only 8 inches long & has only 1 meat ball Cut in Half per half
the amount of french fries were skimpy at best equaling a little over the small size at McDonalds?
The grinders at the 16 inch length which the menu gives the impression include the french fries 
Do Not Include French Fries so my Hubby’s order although 16 inch in length had no fries

In addition to having No Sauce on the MeatBall Grinder
The 2 Small MeatBalls Cut in Half are GRAY in Color Not Brown as a Fully Cooked MeatBall Should Be
I’m quite disgusted at "the meal" which was delivered & 
consider PizzaRama’s grinder meals to be a waste of my Hubby’s Hard Earned Money
suggest that if someone’s looking for value & good food delivered…
Call Domino’s Pizza or Pizza Hut instead or hit the McD’s drive thru

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