[Fwd: Our sovereignty must not be forfeited!]


This is something that is quite worry-some for those of us who are
professing Christ;
who but God knew that this nation would sink so low & so quickly

There are upcoming elections locally & the change which got swept
in due to the masses not thinking about what was being uncovered; it’s
now time to stop this tidal wave of insanity so be certain to vote in
the local elections & this time do so asking critical questions
thinking about what it is that you’re actually voting for & against
when you cast that vote

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Subject: Our sovereignty must not be forfeited!
Date: Fri, 2 Oct 2009 11:55:52 -0400 (EDT)
From: Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel <jsekulow@aclj.org>


OCTOBER 02, 2009   

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

I will not stand by and watch your freedom as an American handed over
to courts in other countries.  I refuse to remain silent while the
sovereignty of the United States and Israel is forfeited to
international courts.

But it’s well on its way to actually

Help the ACLJ mount its most intensive
legal effort ever to preserve your freedom!  Please give a generous
online donation immediately.

The United Nations (U.N.) and the international community are
scrambling to erase the boundaries between countries – to turn the
people of free nations like the U.S. and Israel over to the whims of
radicals around the world.

The latest example is an outrageous attack by the Palestinian
Authority – not even an actual nation – calling for Israeli
soldiers (some who hold dual U.S. citizenship) to be convicted of ”war
crimes” simply for fulfilling their duty, defending their countrymen
against attacks by the Hamas terrorists!

And now we’re hearing reports that the Obama Administration will have
the U.S. join the International Criminal Court (ICC)!

The ACLJ is right in the center of this fight –
through our new office in New York City, just blocks from the U.N., and
an internationally assembled team of lawyers.

We will fight back at every turn. 

As you help us with your generosity
today, we will answer every threat.  We need you standing with

Thank you!

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