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[Fwd: Will The Washington Post Get a Government Bailout?]

Today So tired of having our  tax dollars being mis-spent on bailing out big corps who have made bad decisions Banks Failed because of their Greed & being scammed by Madoff Car Companies failed because they are making shoddy cars … Continue reading

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[Fwd: [Praying Wife’s BlogSpot] Re: P4P]

Wanted to pass this along for those who are interested in hearing & taking part in some lively discussion about the bible & churches today ——– Original Message ——– Looking forward to hearing from these mighty men of God who … Continue reading

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Talking about Once Saved Always Saved?

 This I think is worth writing a quick blurb about The video does make you take a minute to question just what do you believe in regards to Once Saved Always Saved? Quote Once Saved Always Saved? This is a small video … Continue reading

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PizzaRama Windsor CT = Bad Meatball Grinders!

Stay Away from the MeatBall Grinders at PizzaRama Windsor CT unless you enjoy a grinder that is  Mostly 8 Inches of Bread  1 small MeatBall Cut in 1/2 on each of the two 4 inch halves &  No SAUCE???!!!  Never … Continue reading

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[Fwd: Our sovereignty must not be forfeited!]

ACLJ This is something that is quite worry-some for those of us who are professing Christ; who but God knew that this nation would sink so low & so quickly There are upcoming elections locally & the change which got … Continue reading

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