[Fwd: FIC and Health Care Debate; Peter Wolfgang on Comcast Tonight!]


Family Values American Values
Wanted to share this so that local people can join in & those who
aren’t local can maybe network

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Subject: FIC and Health Care Debate; Peter Wolfgang on Comcast Tonight!
Date: Thu, 20 Aug 2009 11:57:27 -0500
From: Family Institute of Connecticut <info@ctfamily.org>


FIC: Your Voice in the
Fight Ahead!


This has been a summer
of counter-revolution. Our cultural elites are reeling, shocked that
the American people are standing up and speaking out against schemes
that could fundamentally alter the relationship between the government
and the people. And the Family Institute of Connecticut continues to be
your voice on those battles taking place in our own backyard.


Last week we brought
you the first issue of iAwaken, the newsletter of our youth wing. That
newsletter, which is still available on our
, also caught
the eye of the Courant


Yesterday, Peter
Wolfgang stood with state activist Bob MacGuffie at a press conference
in Hartford.
Bob and his small group, Right Principles, had recently been defamed by
the media and the Democratic National Committee as a "tool in the pay
of a vast corporate conspiracy to manufacture town hall outrage at the
president’s health plan." FIC has been meeting with Bob and other
legitimate grassroots Tea Party-style activists to oppose any health
care reform that could lead to taxpayer funding of abortion. Watch for
more information on what you can do to help—and on Peter’s upcoming
media interviews on this issue.


In fact, Peter will be
a guest on the Marty Heiser live call-in show TONIGHT (Thursday), 9 to
10 pm, Comcast Cable Channel 23 in
Danbury, to discuss this and other issues.


It is very gratifying
to be working in unity with allies in a whole coalition to resist the
drive toward government control of health care. But there is so much
more that needs to be done. In these dog days of summer—the time of
year when donations are at their lowest—would
you please consider giving $50, $100, $250 or more
to help us
fight for faith and family in our state? Or, if God has blessed you
with the means, would
you please click here to donate $500, $1,000, or $2,500 to help us
fight for a Connecticut
that will be a blessing and not a curse to our children and


Thank you for making
FIC the leading voice for faith, family and freedom in our state! There
are challenges ahead, but also unprecedented opportunities to reach new
people for the pro-family cause—if we have the means. God bless you for
your faith and your generous support!

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list of Family Institute of Connecticut.

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