[Fwd: Congressman Zack Space Hides From Constituents]

Pass The Salt

It’s Shameful how these congress people are doing their best to
avoid the real people in their districts

What are your congress people doing in your area?

Are they facing their districts in open townhall meetings or are they
running away & hiding?

Or Worse are they only opening up their time to people who will pay
them as some are doing in their veiled attempts to schedule tv time
that shows people smiling & in support of the plans which none of
the congress people have bothered to read?

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Subject: Congressman Zack Space Hides From Constituents
Date: Thu, 20 Aug 2009 06:19:17 -0600
From: Pass the Salt <contact@ptsalt.com>

Pass The Salt

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Dear Friends,

Zack Space
Hides From Constituents

Coach Dave and a handful of dedicated
citizens chased Zack
across three counties last night in an attempt to secure a
face to face meeting with their Congressman.  When finally located,
Congressman Space refused to speak to this small, but hearty group.

After a 4 pm
Tea-Party outside of his Zanesville, Ohio office,
Coach and his crew drove the hour to a private location where
yellow-dog Space was hold a "fundraiser" where he met with supporters. 
Coach, through the owner of the home, and the local Knox County Deputy who
was standing guard to prevent the group from attending the meeting,
appealed to Congressman Space
or one of his handlers to please come out and speak! with
them.  The goal of the group was to schedule a "townhall meeting" at a
later date where Congressman Space could look into the eyes of those he
represents.  For three hours the group waited for someone from the
Congressman’s office to speak with.  Instead of responding to our civil
request, Congressman Space snuck out of the residence under the cover
of darkness.  Here is an eye-witness press

Space’s handler did agree to meet with Coach but only if no cameras or
press were present.  So much for transparency and freedom of the press

Coach Dave and is not affiliated with any political party or
organization but is merely exercising his God-given right to free

The entire event was filmed by FOX NEWS NATIONAL and will be shown
Friday from 6-7 EST on FOX REPORT with Brett Baier.

Passing the Salt,
Coach Dave Daubenmire

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