Re: Regarding customer account: TILLB725Z7

Hi AskBob & Kim;

For future reference please consider changing the format of the delivery tickets because everyone who has seen the tickets is under the same impression that we are that there is an overcharge because it’s written on the tickets in a Dollars & Cents format very predominately for people to see in bold rather than the usual small coded print companies use for their computer tracking for ordering & records by retailers

who knows who else has seen such "instructions" & just decided they’d just not shop Bob’s again rather than ask for an explanation – I do know that a couple of people who said to us that we shouldn’t shop there any more because of the "overcharge"

we hope that you’ll consider changing those tickets because of all the confusion & bad feelings that they create

AskBob wrote:

Thank you for including the pictures. I have spoken with the president of King Koil who manufactures this line and confirmed that the numbers you are referring to are not prices. The first picture is of your queen mattress. The 295 indicates that this was the 295th mattress manufactured out of the 511 produced that day. The 99 indicates which distribution truck it was loaded onto.
The second picture is of your queen foundation. The 357 indicates that this was the 357th foundation produced out of the 511 foundations produced that day. Your foundation was also loaded onto the same "99th" distribution truck.
After thoroughly reviewing your invoice, it has been determined that you paid the discounted package price of $999 for the Black Label sleep set. The Euro top mattress has a retail value of $849. The foundation has a retail value of $249.
I can assure you that you were not overcharged for your merchandise.
Kim Peoples
Corporate Consumer Relations
Bob’s Discount Furniture LLC.

From: DjembeQueen 
Sent: Wednesday, February 25, 2009 7:08 PM
To: AskBob
Subject: Re: Contact from Web Site from

Hi Ask Bob & Kim;

Our son A who is in the Navy stationed in California got for us as a house warming gift for our 1st home a gift certificate for $1,200.00 in hopes of buying us a brand new bedroom set since we’d sacrificed so much raising him & his sister & her son – always having used furniture for ourselves making certain that the children had what they needed growing up – he & my husband planned the surprise delivery of the gift card to me

When I spoke to A to tell him Thank You & that the mattress was going to be delivered he was disappointed to learn that he wasn’t able to have purchased an entire bedroom set for us – A didn’t realize that the sets online don’t come with the mattresses included in the price & he knew that we’d given our bed set to our daughter  L when we moved all of our stuff into storage for the months as we prepared for the home buying process – anyway it took longer to get to closing than planned so with that extra time our new furniture budget went out of the window due to our extra living expenses but we were finally able to close on Dec 31st 2008 & we moved into our 1st home to go to sleep on a low air mattress until tonight when we’ll finally get to sleep on a real mattress

The delivery guys were great = in & out quickly; even helping my husband to get our bed frame put together because he was having just a bit of trouble getting the end pieces to fit so when the young man handed me the phone for the survey I was more than happy to press 1 for happy with their service

I called the customer service phone number shortly afterwards & left a message because the service center was closed & then onto the website because it was a bit upsetting that the salesgirl charged us $999 plus 6% sales tax for our mattress set & $69 plus tax for our mattress pad warranty protection with the addition of the delivery charge of $59 which I’m uncertain if that was taxed or not for a total charge on the gift card $1,195.67 leaving us with a balance of $4.33 store credit on account for us from the gift card from A.

To say that we felt that we had been cheated is a big understatement to see we were overcharged by more than a little bit when seeing the price tags on both the mattress & foundation were much less (to the tune of almost $345 plus the additional sales tax) just really left both my husband & myself with a bad & disappointed feeling about the purchase, had we been given the correct sales prices we could’ve purchased either the bedside tables or living room tables I had been looking at or another piece of furniture for our home

We’d like the price difference with the tax to be credited & added to the $4.33 currently on account for us at the store, we were ok with the fact that we had to wait 4 days for delivery rather than the TV advertised delivery of 3 Days or less but to have those price tags glaring at us 1st thing in the morning; well like stated above it just leaves a bad & disappointed & cheated feeling with our family & puts a bit of a damper on our son’s gift giving – A could’ve inquired how to give us the Gift Certificate from another company where we have a membership but A choose Bob’s instead because he knew that delivery would be faster & he wanted us to be able to enjoy sleeping on a new bed room set in days rather than the weeks which it would’ve taken had he given us the gift certificate for the other store since they have to order everything

As you can see in the pictures the sales prices on the price tags are much less than what we were charged, & they’re still in place on the mattress & foundation only covered up by the bed covers since I’ve made the bed
Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter & we hope that our family will be able to continue to do business with Bob’s Furniture in the future

The T Family
B, T, A, L & K

AskBob wrote:

Thank you for contacting us. This situation is highly unusual. Please
email the pictures of the tags you've found on the merchandise so that I
may further assist. 

Kim Peoples
Corporate Consumer Relations
Bob's Discount Furniture LLC.

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From: [] 
Sent: Wednesday, February 25, 2009 9:24 AM
To: AskBob
Cc: Yarbrough, Dray;
Subject: Contact from Web Site from ip:67.36.332.56

State: Connecticut
First Name: mrs t
Last Name: t
Comments: Purchased saturday night mattress set - delivered today & the
price tags have much lower prices listed - would like to have the
differance credited back to gift card so we can buy the tables I saw
saturday - i can email pictures of the tags that are still on the 2
pieces if given an email address prior to these going up on my blogs

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