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This could be coming to a state near you!
If you’re in CT speak up & take action
If you’re located in another state you should look around for your
state’s version of this group including a call to this one if you need
to find out where the local or state office of such an organization is
located, many agencies have lists of the places in other states – it’s
bad enough that divorces are too easy to get in our states but we must
also look beyond & speak up as marriage as a whole comes under
attack & we’re being silenced to be able to speak up about what
God’s laws say in regards to Marriage = 1 Man + 1 Woman for Life Until
Death Do They Part

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Stop CT’s Same-Sex "Marriage" Bill!


Thu, 12 Feb 2009 06:58:21 -0600


FIC Action <info@ctfamily.org>




Stop CT‘s Same-Sex
"Marriage" Bill!


Last year, the Connecticut Supreme
Court ignored the express will of the legislature and of the people by
imposing same-sex "marriage" by judicial force.
Yesterday, a bill was referred to the Judiciary Committee to codify
this outrage.


But S.B. 899 goes beyond mere legislative
housekeeping. Section 17 of the bill would repeal
a state law protecting
public policy on a wide range of moral issues
A repeal of this law could be read to mean that the State of
1) condones homosexuality or bisexuality or any
equivalent lifestyle,
2) authorizes the promotion of homosexuality or
bisexuality in educational institutions or requires the teaching in
educational institutions of homosexuality or bisexuality as an
acceptable lifestyle,
3) authorizes or permits the use of numerical goals or
quotas, or other types of affirmative action programs, with respect to
homosexuality or bisexuality in the administration or enforcement of
non-discrimination laws and
4) establishes sexual orientation as a specific and
separate cultural classification in society.


The law targeted by Section 17
explicitly states that Connecticut’s
non-discrimination laws cannot be construed to support same-sex
"marriage" or the four items listed above.
We must amend Section 17 to salvage that law and stop the pro same-sex
"marriage" agenda from being forced on children in the public schools!


We also need to amend S.B 899 to
strengthen the statute protecting religious liberty from the same-sex
"marriage" agenda (
Sec. 46a-81p).
The redefinition of marriage in Massachusetts
has led to attacks on religious freedom,
while in Connecticut
Justices of the Peace have been told they must perform
same-sex "weddings".
Given the radical nature of this new same-sex "marriage" bill, further
attacks on liberty and conscience are likely.


We cannot wait for those attacks to
We must strike now, while this bill is going through the legislative

If we fail to amend this bill, it will be a serious setback to any
effort to take marriage back from the courts and restore to the people
their right to decide the issue.


Here are four ways that you can help
amend this bill and give FIC Action a fighting chance to restore
marriage in Connecticut:


1) Use our Grassroots Action
to send an e-mail directly to the Judiciary Committee by clicking on
the link at the bottom of this message.
We have provided some basic points, but please either put the message
in your own words or add a brief introduction and conclusion! 
Personalized messages have a much greater impact.

Let our legislators know that you support
marriage, not its redefinition—and that you want SB 899 amended!


2) Be prepared to testify at the
public hearing on SB 899. We do not yet know when the hearing will be.
The Judiciary Committee’s co-chairmen must give at least five days
notice and they typically try to keep the public in the dark for as
long as they can.
The five-day countdown will likely include Saturday and Sunday and will
put the hearing on a day when Christians are distracted (Ash Wednesday,
St. Patrick’s Day, etc.).
Now is the time to prepare a two or three minute testimony and alert
others to do likewise.
If our opponents think it is in their best interest to rush this bill
through then the hearing could happen very soon.


3) Click
here to donate to the Family Institute of Connecticut Action.

FIC Action, the lobbying arm of Connecticut’s pro-family movement,
is your eyes and ears at the state Capitol.
Your support allows us to continue to be your voice for faith and


4) Forward this message to every
like-minded state resident you know and ask them to do likewise.
And watch for more information on FIC Action’s 2009 Pro-Family Rally
and Lobby Day.


Thank you for making your voice heard
in the fight restore marriage in Connecticut. Click on the link below
to contact the Judiciary Committee.

Click the link below to log in and send your message:


have received this message because you have subscribed to a mailing
list of Family Institute of Connecticut.

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