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Wanted to pass this forward so that people will have
more information
other than just the limited amount from the Hartford Courant

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CT’s Anti-Family Power Brokers Attack FIC!


Tue, 23 Sep 2008 12:33:24 -0500


Family Institute of Connecticut <info@ctfamily.org>



CT’s Anti-Family Power Brokers Attack FIC!


The pro
same-sex "marriage"/pro-abortion forces who wield inordinate influence
over Connecticut’s
politics and culture are legion. And they are coalescing around a
campaign to stop the one group they all fear the most: Family Institute
of Connecticut.


almost comical. How could FIC’s small two-man office be such a threat
to the ridiculously wealthy organizations that call the shots in Connecticut’s
halls of power?


Click here to support FIC: Connecticut’s
leader in the fight for marriage, faith and family!


And yet,
we are. Last week, some of the richest lobbies in our state held a
press conference featuring Attorney General Richard Blumenthal to speak
against a yes vote for the constitutional convention. Why do they so
adamantly oppose it? It is because FIC supports it. Nothing—no other
group’s position on the constitution convention—scares them more.


they’re getting desperate. And dishonest. Just look at
Rick Green’s column in today’s Hartford
Here’s an excerpt:


Members [of the Constitution Convention
Campaign] kept saying this wasn’t about special interests. So why was
the director of the Family Institute of Connecticut (google: Marriage
Protection Pledge) up there at the front of the room?…


What [Peter] Wolfgang, [Rep. Arthur] O’Neill,
[Campaign Chairman Matthew] Daly and the other faux populists behind
this constitutional convention aren’t telling you is that this is all
about special interests and handing them the right to ram their various
agendas down our throats. They want to bring us endless — and costly —
referendums on everything from abortion to gay marriage to eliminating
teacher unions to medical marijuana.


Green would have the Courant’s readers believe that FIC’s support for a
constitutional convention means the "Vote Yes" side is the one backed
by special interests. But what Green isn’t telling you is
that the "Vote No" campaign is outspending us by more than ten-to-one!
our opponents’ lopsided financial advantage, it is shockingly dishonest
for Green to mislead the Courant’s readers into believing that a "yes"
vote for the constitutional convention would allow "special interests"
to "ram" unwanted agendas "down our throats."


dirty little secret of this campaign—the one Atty. Gen. Blumenthal,
Courant columnist Rick Green, same-sex "marriage" activists and other
powers-that-be don’t want the public to know—is that big money ALREADY
controls CT politics and is being spent to stop anything that empowers
citizens and lessens the power of well-healed special interests. The
$45,000 our opponents are already spending to prevent direct initiative
is probably peanuts compared to what they will spend by Election Day.


has ever threatened the privileged place of “the powers that be” in Connecticut
like the prospect of a constitutional convention and direct initiative.
Direct initiative will not mean that big-monied special interests will
control CT politics. Rather, it will give the average citizen a voice
against the big-monied special interests that already do.


We can
stop them. We can protect marriage and restore the right to
self-government in Connecticut.
But to do it we need your help—
and we need you at the Rally for
Marriage this Sunday!


Click here to support FIC: Connecticut’s
leader in the fight for marriage, faith and family!


This Sunday, September 28th at 2:30 p.m. the
Family Institute of Connecticut will
hold a Rally for Marriage on the steps of the state Capitol in Hartford. This
will be Connecticut’s
most important marriage protection event yet—but it may not
succeed unless thousands of people like you turn out to make their
voice heard!


Jeremiah Torres of the House of Restoration Church, Pastor Brian
Simmons of Gateway Christian Fellowship, "CT 6" Pastor Christopher
Leighton, Rabbi Joshua Hecht of Beth Israel Synagogue, Fr. Greg Markey
of St. Mary’s Church in Norwalk
and other major clergy and politicians will join FIC executive director
Peter Wolfgang to speak in defense of marriage and the right to Let the
People Decide at the Rally. Parking will be available at The
Legislative Office Building Parking Garage, Elm St, Market St and the Bushnell
Parking Lot.
Click here to download our Rally flyer.


of a "counter-rally" has raised the stakes for the Rally for Marriage. In order for our Rally to be a success, we must turn out
substantially more people than our opposition.
 Please ask
your pastor, priest or rabbi to rally fellow believers to attend the
September 28th Rally for Marriage.
Please arrange to have a
bus leave from your church following Sunday services. The success of
the rally depends on turnout, and turning out thousands for marriage
protection will not happen unless Connecticut’s churches are willing
to take a stand. Your willingness to organize your church
to attend the rally could make the difference between failure and
The stakes are that high! For more information, contact
FIC at 860-548-0066 and ask for Larry. And please forward
this e-mail to every like-minded person you know!


we are asking for your financial support for the Rally and for FIC’s
other projects to support marriage and the family in Connecticut.
Our opponents are willing to put their financial resources into
stopping FIC. Do Connecticut
‘s pro-family citizens have the same
level of commitment to our beliefs as those who work around-the-clock
to attack the family in our state?


You see
what a threat FIC is to Connecticut’s
anti-family "powers-that-be." We want to make sure their fears are
justified—that is, that FIC really is the one group that can best turn
back the pro-abortion/pro same-sex "marriage" stranglehold over our
But we
can’t do it without you.


Could you please click here to donate $50,
$100, or $250 to help us fight for the family in Connecticut?
Or if God has blessed you with the means to do
so, could you donate $500, $1,000, $2,500 or more?


Attorney General and the Hartford Courant think FIC is a force to be
reckoned with.
want to prove them right…but we need your support to do it!


you and God bless you for all you do for our shared cause. The Rally is
just a few days away. Your financial support for our work is more
appreciated than we can say.


Don’t let them get away with it! Click here to
help us defeat the pro same-sex "marriage" movement here in the heart
of "blue state" territory!

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list of Family Institute of Connecticut.

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