Packing For Move!

Oh how I hate packing for the up coming move
Trying to either Give Away or Sell as much as possible so it doesn’t have to be packed up & have been posting on both Craig’s List & Yahoo FreeCycle Groups & any where else that I can find for Free Advertising for the Indoor Appointment Only Moving Sale since there’s no yard for a true tag sale here in Hartford CT
I actually made a Free Web Site to post pictures of the items for sale & for free
What does piss me off is…
how so many people are inconsiderate about time when they’re being given an item for free & even worse when they don’t show up on the day they said that they’d show up but get mad that you’ve sold an item to someone else –
hhhmmm excuse me but when going to a tag sale how often does a person "hold" an item for a person who’s expressed an interest when a person with CASH & WILLING TO CARRY AWAY RIGHT AT THAT MOMENT IS STANDING THERE IN FRONT OF THEM?
O well let me get back to Packing & Waiting for People to Show up for the Free Futon Mattress & XL Twin Mattresses – do people no longer know how to tie a rope around stuff on the roof of the car? – I’ve had 3 people no show & the last woman is having to wait another day because her friend isn’t able to get the truck for her until tomorrow – when I was in my 20’s we tossed a king size mattress & box spring on the roof of the tiny toyota celica that I had to get it home,
for some reason people don’t know how to do those type of things any more nor seem to understand the term Cash & Carry means you bring Cash & You are responsible for Carrying the Item Away to Your Home Sarcastic
If anyone is looking for a good buy on kitchen appliances I’ve got an electric Stove & Chest Freezer for sale as well as small appliances
take a look at the stuff online & let me know if you’re interested & come ready to move the stuff because at he end of the month We’re out of this disaster waiting to happen!
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