Taken – List of Items – So End Hartford, CT

Reply with Your Phone Number & the Item Description/Number
you’re requesting

No Longer dealing with people who don’t send phone numbers since they
tend to be No Shows

The following Items have been Taken or Promised

7) Canning Jars & More Canning Jars
D) Metal shelf connector pieces
1) Big bag of Mens Clothes

*List Items Still Available – Prior No Shows Don’t Bother to Email
Thank You*

2) Big Text Book – Encyclopedia of Electronics
3) Book – The Sluggers
5) Real Estate Advertising Postcards – 2 packages geared for Prudential
Real Estate
8) Avon Sales Equipment (no samples actual equipment items)
9) Floral soap/lotion dispenser

A) Child’s Flip Flop fits child about 6-7 yrs old
 B) Big box of various magazines – also 2 other bags full – any
teachers needing magazines for class projects?
F) 5qt Stock Pot
G) Prayer Book
H) Bed Rest Pillow Green (the kind with the arms)
I) Oil for oil lamp
J) Veggie Slicer
K) Rice Cooker for microwave

More coming as we’re packing up to move later this month –
when you get here if there’s something you’re looking for ask it might
be something that we’re not going to be taking with us –
there’s still so much that we’re sorting through

> 2) small bag women’s clothes
> 3) bag sippee cups & plasticware for baby
> 4) Adult bibs
> 5) box reading books
> 7) more Time magazines & Budget Living etc
> 8) XL twin mattress
> 9) full futon mattress
> 10) can oven cleaner

Please Reply with your Phone Number in the email so that I can call
& we can set up the best day & time you us to meet for pick up

I respond to those with phone numbers in the emails 1st

Prefer daylight hours for pick up

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