[Fwd: Major Pro-Family Victory in CT Primaries!]


Wanted to pass this information on & Remind Everyone
That It’s Important to VOTE!
If you have a state group such as this one sign up for it’s news
letters so that you’ll know where the candidates stand regardless of
their party
& CT Folks keep on fighting the Good Fight to Save Our Families

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Major Pro-Family
Victory in CT Primaries!


Rep. Kevin Witkos, a 100%
pro-family candidate, easily defeated Moira Wertheimer in the 8th
Senate District’s Republican primary yesterday.
This is a major victory in the fight to protect marriage in Connecticut.
Kevin Witkos was the only FIC Action Committee-endorsed candidate for
Senate in the 2008 primaries.


And this was the only Senate primary
where the candidates’ positions on same-sex "marriage" became an issue!

In an article
published last Thursday, The Hartford Courant—the paper of record for
the 8th District’s 11 towns—highlighted our endorsement of Witkos:

"The candidates both have impressive resumes and share a mainstream
Republican philosophy of fiscal conservatism, though Witkos hews closer
to the right on social issues such as gay marriage and abortion, while
Wertheimer embraces the politics of consensus…Witkos has staked out
more conservative territory on social issues, which has won him the
endorsement of the Family Institute of Connecticut."


If Kevin Witkos wins the general
election on November 4th, he will fill the seat currently held by
Thomas Herlihy, the most anti-family Republican in the state Senate.
 If Witkos wins in November it means voters will be replacing
Herlihy—the only Senate Republican with a 0% pro-family voting
record—with Witkos, who has a 100% pro-family voting record.

The election of Kevin Witkos this November may be the most important
thing we can do to move our state legislature in a pro-family direction!


Making pro-family gains at the state
Capitol was the goal of our primary endorsements—in contrast to pro
same-sex "marriage" activists, whose endorsements were carefully chosen
to further an illusion.


Of the seven candidates
FIC Action Committee endorsed on August 1st
, four won and three lost.
Our winners were Rep. Marie Lopez Kirkley-Bey, Rep. Selim Noujaim, Rep.
Corky Mazurek and Rep. Kevin Witkos. Our defeated candidates were Tom
Harrison, Lydia Martinez
and Jose Rivera.


All six of the candidates endorsed by
"Love Makes a Family" (LMF) won—but LMF only made endorsements in
districts where victory was guaranteed.
Five of their six endorsements were in districts that already had a pro
same-sex "marriage" representative and the sixth had a pro same-sex
unions senator.
LMF endorsed only where they knew they would win…so as to create the
false perception of a pro same-sex "marriage" trend.


FIC Action Committee, by contrast, did
not endorse in some races where both candidates were pro-family.


The lesson of yesterday’s primaries
is that the 2009 legislative session may turn out to be more pro-family
than we were expecting. If so, this will improve our chance of
defeating same-sex "marriage" next year…and of passing a direct
initiative law.


But first, we have to win in November.

And, for the first time ever, we will face a legislature next year with
a pro same-sex "marriage" Speaker of the House. And—looming over all
our work and prayer to protect marriage—is a still-undecided state
Supreme Court decision which may impose same-sex "marriage" by
undemocratic fiat.


We have our work cut out for us.
But, with His help, we have accomplished great things in the past and
can do so again.
Watch for more information on what you can do to stand up to the
courts, the legislature and anti-family candidates to protect marriage
in Connecticut.


FIC Action Committee
is recognized by media, politicians and activists—friends and foes
alike—as the pro-family voice in state politics. Click here to help us
inform the voting public as to who the pro-family candidates are! Thank

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