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Awakening America <mail@awakeningamerica.us>

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Out America 9/11/08

Every State, Every County, Every Heart



Momentum continues to build across the nation for the
Cry Out America prayer initiative. On 9/11, from noon to 1:00 pm,
thousands of believers will gather at county courthouses across the
nation to repent, intercede for the lost, and cry out for God to send a
new Christ Awakening to our nation. We believe that this national
gathering has the potential to shake our spiritually slumbering nation.
Don’t miss out on this historic opportunity. If your county does not
yet have a coordinator in place, please prayerfully consider applying
to serve. There is still time. To find out more and to access the
county coordinator application, click here
and apply today.



and Revival or Deprivation and Judgment?

Exploring the connection between
Awakening and our present moral decline as it relates to same-sex
relationships in America.

By Billy Wilson

     America now teeters on the precipice of judgment!
The beacon of God’s word shines against our nation’s moral decay like a
lighthouse flashing amidst blinding fog. The rocks of judgment surround
us and the light beckons us to turn around. Yet, the soup-like fog of
our carnal selfishness has dimmed the light into an almost
indiscernible blur. A certain crash is on the way unless the church
wakes up and the culture heeds the light.

Several months ago, I was privileged to tape a television program in
the church that stands on the site in Northampton, Massachusetts where
Jonathan Edwards was pastor during the first Great Awakening in
America’s colonies (to watch this program click here). A local
congregation has continued on this site since the mid 1600’s. It was
very inspiring to reflect on the powerful, America-changing ministry of
this awakening pioneer…. Read more.


for Awakening!
Place your vote for Awakening in America! This
year, we are asking you to vote for Awakening by giving the maximum
individual amount of $2,300.00 towards seeing Revival in America! Make a contribution!

Our Cry Out America! Promotional Video on YouTube

Request the
Awakening America Alliance Promotional DVD with the Cry Out America

Partnership and Support
Partnering with the Awakening America Alliance is open to
individuals, local churches and denominations or organizations who
share a heart to see America experience a new Christ awakening. See who
has already become part of the Alliance and become a part of it for your Organization, Local Church of

Visit our

View the Awakening America promotional video on the web, check out our
historical timeline on our homepage and join the Alliance! Review our
updated Resources page, or submit an eyewitness account of
the Signs of Awakening through email!

Pray for

TheCall is a divinely initiated, multi-racial, multi-generational, and
cross-denominational gathering to corporate prayer and fasting. Learn more!

August 2008
This Awakening America email publication is free to distribute.
Contact Information
Awakening America
PO Box 3450
Cleveland, TN 37320

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Address postal inquiries to:

International Center for Spiritual

PO Box 3986
4399 N. Ocoee

Cleveland, TN 37320-3986

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