Fw: Weekly Prayer Tip & Pastor Joe Webb’s book Til Death Do Us Part

Wanted to Share this prayer tip with everyone – I think it’s so great how we can each one teach one by the use of email forwarding


Yesterday Kathy & I have started using the Teleconference Recording Feature to be able to do a Book Reading & Study

since there are many good books out there to encourage us but many of us are not in the position to be able to make the purchases of those books we thought it would be great way to pass the blessings that we may have by doing a reading style book club & sharing it via the recording feature since Kathy was reading the book to me over the phone anyway & in the past I’ve read to her from books that I have but she’s not yet been able to get 


For those of you who’d like to listen to the book by Joe Webb "Til Death Do Us Part?"  Kathy was nice enough to share the 1st 2 chapters of the book with me & she’ll read the next chapter either saturday or sunday afternoon – until I’m able to get a copy for myself she’s being a blessing to me & I’m passing that blessing on to everyone else in the group who also wants to share in it


Listen to Your Recorded Conference from the Phone…

Dial – (641) 715-3498 Enter Access Code – 163576#


You’ll also be able to automatically have downloaded any recordings to your computer by using the iTunes feature by following the below directions –


hey folks don’t laugh at us during our convo when she was done reading it because it we were trying to figure out how to stop the recording  


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Isn’t the internet wonderful in how God’s able to have all of us connecting to share His Word & getting the proper message out to Stand on His Word & Stand For Our Marriages –


We just got to get used to all of this technology so that we’re best able to use it

 even if it does mean upgrading the typing skills from 2 finger hunt & peck to 4 fingers hunt & peck  I’m up to 5 fingers since I’m now remembering to use the thumb to hit the space key as I’m typing  ooo boy am i fast now LOL

Love Your Sister in Christ
 Have a Blessed Day

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What God wants to do on the earth, He will do through intercessors. When God wants to change the course events will take on their own, He searches out an intercessor on whose heart He can place His desires. (Live A Praying Life)


"I looked for a man among them who would build up the wall and stand before me in the gap on behalf of the land so I would not have to destroy it, but I found none" (Ezek. 22:30).


Jennifer Kennedy Dean

The Praying Life Foundation



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