Talking about Tip: Editing your files on SkyDrive

  Wow i’ve been so busy with the crazy making youngsters & trying to get things packed up here so that the leaking ceiling doesn’t ruin everything in the living room that I’ve lost track of time & haven’t updated on here in what seems like ages

seems that yahoo is majorly screwing up & has for some reason my yahoo email account isn’t accessible to me after having it for over 7 yrs but while yahoo is screwing up msn is adding new things to to it’s offerings as well as getting in gear to be a real challenge to google which has free great storage options

While I was updating an earlier posting I noticed the SkyDrive & clicked on that button & it seems to be something very much worth investigating as an option for me to put some of my stuff that i don’t want to lose – I’m not quite certain how it all works but I think I’ll be checking into it – was wondering if anyone is using it & how they like it for ease of use



Tip: Editing your files on SkyDrive

Here’s the best way to make changes to a file that you’ve uploaded to your SkyDrive:

  1. Download the file to a known location on your hard drive
  2. Edit and save that file just like any normal file on your hard drive
  3. When you’re finished making changes, visit SkyDrive and navigate to the folder where you originally downloaded the file
  4. Click Add files and upload the file

SkyDrive will automatically replace the older version of the file as long as the new version has the same name.

We’re always listening for your feedback, so let us know how it goes!

-The SkyDrive Team

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