Wow this year has sped by so fast with some crazy twists & turns
My jealous & spiteful mother in law Mary has pushed Byron to file for divorce as a condition for her assistance for purchasing this last car for him
Byron’s not committed to the divorce but he’s also not committed to growing up & being a responsible adult which is making Mary angry that he’s still having contact with me & she’s not even aware that hes had me stay there overnight before the paperwork was filed & served while she & her husband were on vacation & even after being served Byron’s made love to me where it was all him coming on to me
Byron isn’t talking to his mother honestly as she fussed at me last week monday when i had called the house to inquire if byron was there – she was trying to tell me that the attorney told him not to have any contact with me so I know 1st that she was behind the whole filing & 2nd also that byron & the attorney haven’t kept her abreast of whats happening because the motion for reconcilement hasn’t been told to Mary because the attorney wouldn’t tell Byron to basically be in contempt of court & not attend the counseling when the judge granted the motion for reconcilement that listed as 16 months of counseling as the request in that motion – so far byron’s missed the 3 appointments that we’ve had but always with a lame excuse & that will be reported into court along with what Mary siad about the attorney so that the judge is aware that he’s not being taken seriously by my controlling motherinlaw who seems to have the symptoms of the jezebel spirit
pastor ray & i are praying to bind up that evil spirit & for that unnatural bondage that she has on Byron to be broken – it’s not natural for a 42 yr old man to b going home to mommy everytime he’s having a problem with dealing with life troubles – usually probblems that he’s created himself with his bad choices in life & money management –
even the counselor says it’s not natural & he’d like to bring my father in law into to ask jim to explain why if he really doesn’t want byron there in the house why he allows mary to keep encouraging byron to be there rather than home with his wife & why is it that mary keeps encouraging byron to stay there the question is why is mary so obsessed with trying to buy byron’s affections & control his life in all the wrong ways she gives byron "advice" rather than just butting out & cutting the apron strings so that byron can grow up to be a man – when she dies byron is quite unprepared to deal with life & Mary has health issues so her death isn’t something that is so far off in the future – she’s overweight even after the surgery to help her lose weight, she smoked in the past, she’s diabetic & drinks wine at night, she doesn’t exercise like she’s suppose to & she’s so busy worrying about what mischeif she can put into destroying Byron’s marriage that she’s neglecting her own husband or maybe it’s because  jim isn’t interested in sex with her that she’s so focused upon destroying Byron’s marriage because jim has had a reputation of being a ladies man & cheating on mary for many many years including a girlfriend of mine who worked at the post office during the holiday season who called me one night to tell me that jim was coming on to her & if she didn’t know mary was my mother in law she’d definately go for it but she didn’t want to create any problems so it’s not simply gossip but established fact that jim’s been cheating on mary for years just that he’s been smart enough not to bring home any diseases or spend bill money on his mistresses
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