Navy Boy has Earned New Pin

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that article explains the pin which Andre has just finished earning – most Navy people don’t take the time to earn the pin – it doesn’t bring a Pay Increase but the Respect level has been Increased due to his uniform now showing that he knows what he’s talking about since he’s worked in every station on the ship
Andre’s pin is the Silver pin & below is what I copied from Wiki-pedia about the pin he’s earned

[edit] Enlisted Specialist

The Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist Pin (also known as the "ESWS pin") is authorized for wear by any enlisted member of the United States Navy who is permanently stationed aboard a navy afloat command and completes the Enlisted Surface Warfare qualification program and personal qualification standards (PQS). The Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist Badge must be obtained within eighteen (18) months of reporting to a ship, if in the paygrade of E-5(Petty Officer Second Class) and above. It has become common for commanding officers of Navy ships to award the ESWS pin to those in paygrades E-2 and E-3 after they complete the requsite qualifications. Those failing to qualify are unable to re-enlist in their current rate. On each assignment to a new sea-going command, if Surface
Warfare is the sailor’s primary community, the sailor must re-qualify ESWS, though requalification standards are somewhat accelerated, and are often basically refreshers. Sailors for whom ESWS is their secondary community (mostly those in the Air Warfare community) are not required to requalify.
An enlisted person who has qualified for his or her ESWS Pin places the designator (SW) after his or her rate and rating; for example, Boatswain’s Mate Second Class Jones, having qualified for his ESWS Pin, is identified as BM2(SW) Jones.
For those enlisted personnel who are subsequently commissioned as officers, and receive a Surface Warfare Officer Badge, the Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist Badge is replaced since Navy regulations do not permit the wearing of both the Enlisted and Officer Surface Warfare Badge simultaneously. However, ESWS may still be worn if the officer does
not earn a SWO badge, but rather a specialization in another community (e.g., the officer becomes a SEAL, Diver, EOD, pilot or Naval Flight Officer).
Unlike other warfare pins available to both enlisted and officers, the ESWS and SWO pins differ by more than just color (gold for officers and silver for enlisted is a common theme in U.S. Navy uniforms). The blade weapons behind the hull on the SWO pin are swords. The blade weapons on the enlisted pin are cutlasses. This can clearly be seen in the curvature of the blades and the shape of the handguards. This derives from the sword being a symbol of naval officers and their authority, while cutlasses were traditionally the sidearm of the enlisted men.
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