Fwd: Vomit prayer

Praise the Lord & Thank You all the Prayer Warriors the prayers do seem to be working – I’m seeing results in the natural world
This was forwarded to me & I’m requesting the rest of the week for you to lift me up in prayer using this prayer as I will be fasting & praying for the remainder of the week 
I could use some lifting up in prayer right now
satan has been working overtime on me & the family
As some of you may know I’ve been getting over the shock from a former member of our group to whom I opened my home has stabbed me in the back & returned evil for the good that was done for her, but now satan is hitting me while I’m just starting to recover from that deception but God has exposed where satan is working hard to distract Byron from his slow start towards home by having a new girl at his job who may not realise that Byron’s married & looks like she’s going through her own marital troubles flirting with Byron & he’s started going for the bait that satan has set before him
Please lift me up in prayer that I may be able to have the strength that I need to make it through this trial & give me the guidance that I’ll need for that time when Deborah & I end up talking on the phone since she does work at Comcast & I may very well end up speaking to her when calling the job for Byron – Give me the words that will direct her away from Byron & that will lead her towards the help that she needs for what I suspect are her own marital troubles & most importantly that she be convicted of her sins & come to full repentance & salvation before this affair goes any further
Thank You & God Bless You for Your Prayers are greatly Appreciated

Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2007 20:38:32 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Vomit prayer
To: powerofprayingwife@yahoo.com

When I pray the vomit prayer, I start off first with the hedges of thorn prayers…
Dear Heavenly Father in the Name of Jesus,
I ask that you place hedges of thorns around my Covenant Husband Byron and hedges of thorns around Deborah Budd, so they clash, lose interest and leave, Lord break crush & destroy any & all soul ties and ungodly friendships that satan has set to snare Byron
Lord remove all strongholds & family curses that exists & send Deborah back to her own husband or to whom ever it is that she is to be with & make Byron in her eyes to be as nothing
I ask you to make Deborah bitter as wormwood to Byron, sharp as a two edged sword to Byron, and loud and ignorant to Byron. Let Deborah’s very smell as she walks past become vile to Byron so that he detests what ever brand of perfume that she wear & becomes like dung in the air to him
I also ask you to make Byron sick to his stomach every time he hears Deborah’s voice Lord let Deborah’s voice be like finger nails scratching upon a blackboard 
Please fill Byron with disgust everytime she comes near him or touches him.
Lord just as ice is cold & hard make Deborah’s touch be cold & hard & open Byron’s eyes & heart so that Byron only sees Theresa as the source for  warm loving & caring arms to go to for his comfort 
I ask that you make me Theresa, Byron’s covenant wife far more precious than rubies and jewels in his eyes
Lord open Byron’s eyes to the valuable wife & the blessing from God that he has been Blessed with 
Lord allow Byron to see Theresa as with the eyes when they were first dating when Byron was full of love & couldn’t stay away
I ask that you Lord turn Byron’s heart back towards home to stay & dwell & to take pleasure only from the fountain that You have Blessed & that the Marriage Bed not be defiled but the only source of refreshing to Byron & Theresa
I base my prayer upon the command of Your Word, whom God has joined together, let no man put asunder.
In Jesus’ Name I pray that You cover Byron & Theresa in the Blood of Jesus.
Lord heal this family which has endured pain from this seperation so that we all may be fully restored & reconciled first to You Lord & then as a family serving you in the ways that you want us to
Thank you Lord for hearing and answering my prayers.
Love Your Sister in Christ
 Have a Blessed Day

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