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This is very much worth Printing – this is a wonderfully inspiring testimony of God’s healing & just as God healed John’s Spirit & Body He too will heal us if we submit in prayer & ask Him to heal us from our pains both physical as well as spiritual I hope that you enjoy his testimony as much as I have & be sure to check out his cartoons at  

With Love Your Sister in Christ Theresa

This is a testimony of God’s mercy, it is not my testimony, it’s His. I was only an instrument He used to illustrate His love for us.

What seems like not long ago, while passing through one of those valleys we Christians sometimes find ourselves in, I sought the Lord for guidance, "what is it You want me to do?", I asked Him. Before the word "do" could pass my lips, He answered with three words, "Tell your testimony." In less than a month, the Lord provided me with a website linked to Hal Lindsey’s–a new website with a huge pipeline of people coming to it. Now, after almost 5 years of Hal Lindsey Cartoons (and almost 3 years with this website), I can clearly see that His purpose for this site was not for cartoons, but for a testimony of the love and compassion God has for us.

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By HIS Stripes I Was Healed–And Healed Again!

In several of Paul’s letters he stated that he was telling the truth, perhaps because what God was doing in his life was so incredible that he thought some people wouldn’t believe him. I feel the same way, and like Paul, I have witnesses to every part of my testimony–plus I have before and after medical records that prove God healed my body.

This is only an outline of some of the things God has done in my life–if I included all the miracles, there would be enough to fill a thick book. Who knows, maybe someday God will lead me to write this testimony as a book. There were also some amazing things that happened to me before I met Jesus, but I’ll only mention a few of them here. The way God saved me so many times before I was saved (Jesus knew me long before I knew Him), taking Jimi Hendrix sailing–Jimi gave me my first guitar lesson on one of his famous Gibson guitars, and surviving a mid- Pacific hurricane in a 36′ sailboat. Actually it was twice (while sailing in the Pacific), that I would have perished at sea, if God hadn’t been watching over me. All long before I knew Him, but He knew me very well.

Crested Butte is now a major Colorado ski area town, but when I lived there in the early ’70’s, both the ski area and the town were on the verge of bankruptcy. The whole town consisted of about three hundred old timers and about a hundred drug crazed hippie ski bums. I was one of them. The County Sheriff, who was 30 miles down-valley in Gunnison, Colorado, was the only law, and he and his deputies seldom ventured up to Crested Butte. I owned a restaurant concession in the only thriving business in town, Sancho’s Cantina, which was Crested Butte’s wildest and craziest bar. At that time I had no conscience, I was drinking way too much and using cocaine too. A recipe for disaster!

I had a lease on a big old 7-bedroom Victorian style house, and to help out with the bills, I rented six of the rooms to students from Western State College, which is also in Gunnison. My girlfriend Connie–who lived with me, was also a Western State student, and even though she had a car, to save money she hitchhiked to her classes four days a week. Cliff, one of the handful of Jesus freaks living in Crested Butte, owned the local trucking company, and was picking Connie up on a regular basis to tell her about Jesus. Next thing I knew, she broke up with me, moved out of the house and joined the small group of Christians that Cliff led. As an unbeliever, it was only natural for me to have thought he had stolen my girlfriend, and even worse–he used God to do it! I had no idea of what fellowship meetings were, or that they were usually held at Cliff’s house, so I was furious every time I saw Connie’s car parked there. When I think about it now, what comes to mind, is how much they all must have been praying for me. God does answer our prayers!

I came home from Sancho’s late one night–after too many shots of tequila and lots of cocaine, to find several guests of one of my roommates sacked out in sleeping bags on the living room floor. Because they didn’t ask me if they could stay at MY house, I went into a screaming rage and threw them all out in the middle of the night. The next after- noon when I woke up, the house was empty–everyone had moved out. Because I didn’t have a conscience, I didn’t get it, and went out and bought a six-pack of beer and a fifth of Jack Daniel’s whiskey to nurse my hangover. My attitude was, if they couldn’t take a little abuse, to hell with them. There was a housing shortage in Crested Butte, and plenty of ski bums looking for rooms.

Later that night after finishing the beer and most of the whiskey, I started thinking of all those ex-roommates and what a despicable person I must be. So I decided to end it all by committing suicide. As I held up an almost empty whiskey bottle contemplating how I would kill myself, I remember saying, "God if you really do exist, then you’ve only got until I finish this if you want to stop me." It was the middle the night, in the middle of winter, in a town that was 8,000 feet in elevation, so it was at least twenty below zero outside. That’s why I was startled a few minutes later when someone knocked on my front door.

My surprise turned to shock when I opened it and saw Cliff standing there. "What the hell are you doing here?" I yelled with anger. He answered, "I was at home praying and God told me to come here." I started laughing and asked "when," and Cliff replied, "about five minutes ago." My laughing stopped immediately, and God sobered me up instantly. Fully aware of what had just happened, I asked Cliff to come in. Later that night he prayed with me and I gave my life to Jesus.

A few months later, I was given a prophecy in tongues with an interpretation, "I have a great ministry for you, and you will be trained for it through trials and tribulations."

Two years later I met Wendy, a first year high school teacher who didn’t know the Lord. Wendy was sitting next to me on a flight from Denver to Grand Junction, Colorado–we fell in love, and six months later we were married. I needed the strong fellowship of my Christian brothers and sisters in Crested Butte, however when I got married, I left them and moved about 150 miles away to another little Colorado mountain town where Wendy worked as the only high school Math teacher. I didn’t mean to turn my back on the Lord, it just happened–I put my relationship with Wendy ahead of my relationship with Jesus. We had a beautiful 20-acre farm with a trout fishing stream running through the front yard, lots of big trees and plenty of pasture for our two horses. I had a job asthe Political Cartoonist for Western Colorado’s biggest daily newspaper. Life was good, or so, I thought.

A year later a man I called Ratso Randazzo, the founder and spiritual leader of a cult named "The Spiral of Friends," bought a farm down the road from our place. Looking back, it was as though the devil himself had moved in next door. Ratso manipulated his "students" (about 30 of them–mostly well-educated people, including a lawyer and an architect) with cocaine. Basically the way I saw it, he used coke to run a control trip on them–it was his coke and they were like his servants and slaves. They had to follow him if they wanted to stay high, and they were all hooked.

On the other hand he was very neighborly with his coke, another form of manipulation that I didn’t recognize at the time, and cocaine was to be my downfall again. Although Wendy and I never joined Ratso’s cult, we both partook in his generosity. In the following years, I completely turned away from the Lord and my life fell apart again. I was laid off from my job, I lost the farm and Wendy left me for a co-worker.

We have two children, Alice and Zech, and right after winning a long drawn-out joint custody battle, Wendy married her boyfriend and absconded with the kids. She wanted her new husband to be my children’s dad, so the day after I signed the custody agreement, she kidnaped them and moved to a small town in rural Eastern Missouri. It took two years of frantically searching before I found them, and then I was faced with a new custody battle in a new state. It was a fight that I wasn’t able to sustain because next I lost my health, the Job syndrome had started. It was to be six more years before I would have any kind of a relationship with my kids. Although I was angry with God a few times, I never cursed Him. And I didn’t realize that He had His hand on me the whole time.

In 1989 I moved to Aspen, Colorado and got a job as a chef, an occupation I had been trained for earlier in my life. I was also the Political Cartoonist for "The Aspen Times". I was doing my best to put my life back together, but a year later I had an on-the-job accident. As I was lifting a heavy pot of soup, I felt a sharp pain shoot through my neck. When my neck didn’t heal and I wanted to take a few days off, my employer suggested I go to the local ER for an x-ray first.

After an exam that took much longer than expected, I was told I had degenerative arthritis in my spine–cervical and lumbar, that it was in its advanced stages, and that I needed neck surgery right away. A complete surprise, but God had His hand on me. The way it worked out, a bone disease that I must have had for at least 10 years, was covered by worker’s compensation insurance–so I was fully insured.

The ER doctor referred me to a neurosurgeon in Grand Junction, and I had the surgery a month later. Then the domino effect started, in the next four years I needed four more spinal surgeries–and all were written-off as failures. The degenerative arthritis ate up the bone fusions as fast as the doctors could put them in. Added to that, I didn’t even have a bed to come home to or anyone to care for me after surgery. I was staying at friend’s houses and usually only had a couch to sleep on (but I remember being thankful). So much surgery in such a short time left me in constant pain–so bad, that the doctor who managed my pain medications had me on 360 Mgs of morphine, and 400 Mgs of Demerol every day. That much narcotic medicine still didn’t kill the pain, so on top of it all, I was drinking whiskey again. I didn’t recognize that everyone who knew me thought I was going to die–I had given up too.

My pain management doctor recommended that I start spending winters in a warmer climate, and by then I had received a Worker’s Comp. insurance settlement, so I bought an Airstream travel trailer and started wintering in Arizona. However I still had to return to Colorado once a month to get my narcotic pain medications. In the spring of ’96, a friend was driving me up to Colorado, when I unexpectedly found myself in a church full of Baptists (in Belen, New Mexico), who all wanted to pray for me. Unknowingly, I had been set up by a friend, and at the end of the service the pastor called me up to the front of the church, and everyone came forward to lay hands on me and pray. And a split second before they started, the Holy Spirit spoke through me and said, "don’t pray that God would heal my body, pray that He will heal my spirit." So that’s what they prayed for.

A month later–after I had moved my trailer back up to Colorado for the summer, the Lord healed my body, which in turn, started the healing of my spirit. Over a five day period, I actually felt the Spirit of God healing me. I was blinded by emotional and physical pain, but feeling God heal me opened my eyes again. On the road to Damascus, Paul saw Jesus, which brought about a profound change in him. I felt Him touch my body, and that started a profound change in me.

On the morning of Friday, May 17th, 1996, I started feeling electrical like sensations randomly shooting from one place to another in my body. The next day they got much stronger and were making my body twitch–by Sunday they were even stronger. The electrical jolts weren’t painful, but I was terrified because I didn’t know what they were–so a friend took me to the ER at St. Mary’s hospital in Grand Junction, Colorado. The ER doctor did every test imaginable and still couldn’t diagnose the problem, so he recommended I see a neurologist the next day. Since I was already had a neurologist, I was able to get an appointment the next day.

After his exam, the neurologist also couldn’t diagnose the problem. I said to him, "surely you saw something like this in medical school," and he said back to me, "No, I’ve been practicing for 23 years and I’ve never seen anything like this." It was then that I realized the electrical jolts were something spiritual, and not a physical problem. But I wasn’t sure which side the spiritual problem was coming from.

That evening I remembered something from twenty-two years before when I was saved. A brother in the Crested Butte fellowship told me the devil would probably try taking me back, and if I ever felt that happening–or was feeling the presence of a demonic spirit, he said to plead the Blood of Jesus. He told me to pray out loud, saying the words, "The Blood of Jesus," over and over until it went away. So that’s exactly what I did–I put my hand inside of my Bible, and spent most of the night pleading the Blood of Jesus. Exhausted, I finally fell asleep around 4am, and woke up when a friend came by for coffee at 6am. The first thing I noticed when I awoke was, the twitching had stopped and even though I hadn’t taken my morning pain meds, I wasn’t in horrible pain! As soon as we sat down outside with our coffee, I felt the Holy Spirit come over me. I knew it was Him, and for the next fifteen minutes He moved thru my body from one injury to another, healing all!

I had not been able to turn my head for several years, because the degenerative bone in my neck (stenosis) had my spinal cord pinched to less than the width of a pencil. My neck was my worst problem and when the Holy Spirit got to it, the healing felt like a warm, mild electrical sensation that was moving in a circular motion and lasted for a few minutes. I was astonished! God Almighty Himself was healing me, and I could actually feel Him doing it! Instantly I could turn my head normally with no pain! The Lord healed my addiction to morphine and Demerol too–I stopped taking them that day, and had no withdrawal symptoms!

God healed my arthritis too, but He didn’t heal the arthritic bones. When I saw my pain management doctor two weeks later (an appointment scheduled the month before) he said, "God must have healed your nerves in such a way that they block the pain".

The Lord healed about seventy-five percent of my medical problems that day–more than enough to have my life back. At first I wondered why He chose to not heal me completely, but it wasn’t long before I realized, had God had given me complete healing, I probably would have slipped back into my old ways. With my faith boosted by my seventy-five percent healing, I became dependent on God for the other 25 percent. Now I had a thorn in my side that kept me on my knees, exactly where the Lord wanted me. The healing of my spirit has taken much longer, in fact it is still going on.

After my miraculous healing, I joined an Assembly of God church, and went back to the same Western Colorado daily paper as their political cartoonist, for the next four years. During that time, the Lord led me back to college, where I learned to draw my cartoons using a computer and a digital drawing tablet. I didn’t know He was preparing me to work in Hal Lindsey’s ministry. To learn computer graphics, I attended Mesa State College in Grand Junction, and because I didn’t have the money for tuition, I joined Americorps first (the domestic equivalent of the Peace Corps) for a year of service, where I earned a scholastic award of $5,000.

As an Americorps volunteer, I created a workshop I named "Drawing Superheroes," and taught it to kids in the Colorado Division of Youth Corrections system. I taught kids in jail how to draw a picture of themselves as a superhero–not so easy, because the kids in jail weren’t allowed to draw anything gang related.

I still had metal rods supporting my lower back, and my classes at Mesa State were interrupted when I slipped on some ice and they popped loose. Having them re-installed was my sixth spinal surgery, but they popped loose again a few months later. So my seventh spinal surgery was for new, longer rods and to clean out stenosis, the narrowing of my spinal canal, which was pinching my spinal cord in my lower back–the same as in my neck. Today, God’s healing of my neck is still perfect, but I never recovered from the seventh surgery–I was left with constant, horrible neurological pain in my back and legs. And other medical problems too. With help from the Lord, I was able to finish my classes and with the rest of my educational grant, I bought the software I use for drawing my cartoons.

During the next two years, I received a lot of prayer for my pain and God healed it almost every time, but it always came back. Seven years ago, I started feeling electrical sensations running through my body again, but not as intense as when God healed me the first time. Now it’s the gentle feeling of the Holy Spirit reassuring me that He has His hand on me, and I still feel them frequently.

The pain in my legs gradually got worse, so finally in June of 2001, I went to see my neurosurgeon again. I had hopes that something could be done surgically to alleviate the pain. He referred me to a neurologist for more extensive tests, and the following August, with the results of those tests, plus a whole stack of new x-rays and scans (I had them done at a VA hospital), I went back to see my neurosurgeon. I remember leaving his office unable to hold back my tears because he said nothing could be done. He told me, "you have too many little things wrong with your back, not one big problem I can correct." And he went on to say the pain would probably get worse. My pain doctor at the VA hospital doubled my narcotic pain medicine. I still live in the mountains, about an hour’s drive from Grand Junction, so before heading home, I sat in my car and prayed for a few minutes. That’s when I realized my hopeless situation was a perfect scenario for God to heal me again.

Because I had read several of Hal Lindsey’s books, I was a frequent visitor to his web site and always watched his TV show, the "International Intelligence Briefing" on TBN. In the summer of 2001, I saw a notice on Hal’s old website, stating that he would start a daily newsletter if enough people signed up for it–so I entered my e-mail address. Then, shortly after 9/11 I got a message from Hal’s website ministry, saying they had decided to start the newsletter, and I would be receiving the first edition soon (that newsletter evolved into Hal’s current prophecy/news website).

Then a thought flashed across my mind–I wonder if Hal Lindsey could use a political cartoonist? Back then, I had never seen an "online" political cartoonist, but I thought, why not, I’d be the first one. So I said a short prayer, hit the "Write Hal" link, and sent him a short note asking if he could use a Christian cartoonist. In less than five minutes Hal wrote back, saying he thought it was a great idea. You know the rest of the story.

Soon after, I felt led to join the Calvary Chapel church in Grand Junction, and after their annual chili potluck on the Sunday before Thanksgiving, I introduced myself to my new pastor. It was late in the day and my pain was so obvious that he couldn’t help but notice, so my new pastor asked if he could pray for me before I drove home. Of course I said yes, so he anointed me with oil and said a short prayer. The next morning, the instant I opened my eyes, I noticed the pain was almost gone!

Since then I have re-injured myself several times, and by pleading the Blood of Jesus, I was always partially healed. One of those healings came a few days before I was scheduled for surgery. Lately the pain has been creeping up on me again, so I’m spending more time in prayer, and have been getting prayer from my church. My neurosurgeon still requires me to see him every six months and I saw him recently. After his exam he said, "I don’t have a silver bullet for you John, but I think you should continue on with what you’ve been doing (receiving prayer at my church)." This time I left his office with a smile on my face, for I knew God would heal me again.

Even though I spent over twenty years back-sliding, God was faithful and carried me the entire time. "But you O Lord are a compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness." Ps. 86:15. I pray I’ve finally made it through the fire of those trials and tribulations, but I’m still praying for the healing of my neurological pain, and the "great ministry" that was prophesied over thirty years ago. My relationship with my kids has almost been restored, and I’ve finally learned what Jesus meant when He told Paul, "My grace is sufficient for you."

Now the Scripture I hold on to is Mark 11:24, where Jesus said, "Therefore I say to you, all things for which you pray and ask, believe that you have received them and they will be granted you." I believe I will be healed again, but who knows how God will do it? Perhaps the rapture will come today and I’ll be given a new body–with no pain! I’ve almost learned to live with pain, and in a way I’m thankful for it, because it keeps me focused on Jesus.

UPDATE, Early May, 2005. In the past year and a half, my pain level has steadily been increasing, to the point where I could only walk a few steps, and was seriously considering a wheelchair. I was back up to needing five 60-milligram doses of morphine (plus a slew of other medications) every day for the pain. A medication dose given to patients when doctors think there is no hope for recovery.

But I still knew in my heart, with no doubt at all, that God would heal me again–permanently. I would feel His hand touch me again, like in May of 1996. It was not a matter of if, but when. I continued to plead the Blood of Jesus every day.

I had another appointment with my neurosurgeon in February, ’05, and he told me again that nothing could be done (surgically) to help with my pain. He also said (again) that, if anything, the pain probably get worse. He scheduled me to see a different pain management doctor about having a "simulator" implanted–a $16,000 micro-computer (about the size of a dollar coin & 1/4 in. thick), that was to be connected to my spinal cord, and would block pain signals from reaching my brain.

Later in April I had my appointment with my new pain doctor, and after an exam and a long interview, he said I would be a good candidate for the simulator. I had a follow-up appointment with my neurosurgeon towards the end of April, when he ordered a complete set of spinal x-rays. After looking at them, he called me and suggested rebuilding part of my spine–a "life altering" surgery, that with good results and lots of physical therapy, would take at least a year to recover from. My neurosurgeon’s office said it would be at least a month before they could call to schedule my pre-surgery appointment, so I agreed to the surgery. That gave me plenty of time to pray and ask God to heal me first–and spare me of the agony.

I believed wholeheartedly that God would heal me first, so I posted (still on this website, under "Cartoon Comments", scroll down), a message stating that God would heal me again–before I got the call from my neurosurgeon. Three things are necessary for the Lord to heal–His Word, faith and a personal relationship with Jesus. "Faith comes from hearing, and hearing from the Word of God." Romans, 10:17. Faith is the most rational thing in the world because it is based on the greatest of facts and realities. It sees God, it sees Calvary where sin and disease were canceled. Faith refuses to see anything but God and what He says. "All things are possible for the person who has faith." Mark, 9:23. Before I received my healing in May of 1996, I didn’t have the faith necessary to believe I would be healed. However, I’ve found that it doesn’t always take the faith of the sick person–it can be the faith of the person, or people who are praying for those who need healing.

That was my case when I was prayed for in the little Baptist church in New Mexico–one or more of those who came forward to pray for me believed God would heal me. It takes a lot of faith to know absolutely for sure, beyond any doubt, that God is going to heal you–I was given my faith when I felt the Hand of God touch and heal me. Jesus has plenty of faith and He gives it out freely–all we need to do is ask, and He often gives out faith without our asking. And faith grows when watered with prayer. When Jesus told the parable of the mustard seed, He was illustrating how a small seed (faith) can grow into a very big tree (faith needed to pray for healing). Now with plenty of faith, I could pray knowing that I would be healed–and pray knowing that others would be healed too.

Only Jesus can heal us, and some of the people who have read this testimony–and then wrote to me from this site asking for prayer (or how to pray–or both), have received His gift of healing. I’ve always told everyone to plead the Blood of Jesus, and I then plead it for them.

There is a difference between a miracle and a healing. The Holy Spirit may choose to heal some instantly–a miracle, which doesn’t always come when we pray for healing. But when we pray with faith–knowing in our hearts that God will intercede and heal us, He always does, but it’s God’s idea of how we should be healed, not ours. And both can happen–a miracle followed by a healing. Sometimes God’s healing takes time, and may involve the assistance of doctors. Whenever I prayed for healing the Lord always healed me, although at times they were spiritual healings. Times when God would give me an extra measure of faith, when my pain was so bad that I actually thought I was dying. God always keeps his promises when we cooperate with Him– living and praying within His will, and it is not His will for us to suffer. All Christians believe in the promises of Salvation and Eternal Life, but the promise of healing was also made on Calvary, and many Christians fall short when it comes to believing that promise too. "For by His stripes you were healed."1 Peter, 2:24. That means we were healed on Calvary. "He Himself took our infirmities and carried away our diseases." Matthew, 8:17. Receiving a miracle or being healed is like being saved in a physical sense.

In the past year, God has been telling me He wants me to tell this testimony beyond this website. But I couldn’t envision myself telling a testimony of God’s healing grace when I was obviously in such a great deal pain, and needing large doses of the strongest pain medicines. So I made a deal with God. I told Him that I would go anywhere He leads me to tell this testimony–after He gives me the permanent healing I’ve been praying for. So far, God has lived up to His part of my deal. Now it’s my turn.

On the evening of May 28th, 2005, I was in so much pain that all I could do was lay in my recliner chair and plead the Blood of Jesus. After about an hour of prayer, I suddenly felt the Hand of God touch me again! It was a pulsating electrical feeling on the lower side of my left hip that radiated deep into my body. For a few minutes it got very intense and then slowly dissipated–it lasted about ten minutes altogether. While it was happening, I separated myself from it, and thought independently, questioning what the pulsating electrical sensation must be. I could tell it was not coming from me, and since I was pleading Jesus’ Blood when it started, it had to be His Spirit healing me again! Like before, I was able to stop taking huge doses of morphine abruptly with no withdrawal symptoms, which proves Divine intervention, because quitting morphine like that is physically impossible! Five days later, my neurosurgeon’s head nurse called to schedule my pre-surgery appointment. Now that’s faith in action! She’s a believer too, so I told her about my healing and we agreed not to tell my neurosurgeon–it was to be a surprise for him. I was scheduled as the last patient of the day (on July 14th), giving me plenty of time with him.

Dr. T is a very interesting man–an obvious genius, but not known for his bedside manner. But if you live in Colorado and you need brain or spinal surgery, he’s the guy you want. Once while clicking through the channels on my satellite TV, I stumbled onto a documentary (on the Discovery Health channel), about how he treated a serious head injury without surgery. I’ve been his patient since 1990, so I kid him about us growing old together. When Dr. T came into the exam room, I asked him if I could take a few minutes first–before he examined me, to tell him what had happened since my last appointment. He said okay and sat down to listen. So I told him everything, including the pulsating electrical sensation of the Holy Spirit healing me. And I told him about this testimony, and how so many chronically ill people (many like me, who had given up), have been blessed and given an extra measure of faith through reading it. Then I asked him if he would examine me thoroughly and write the results in his dictation–so I could post it here. He said okay and proceeded with the exam.

Afterwards, he said he had seen a difference. Excerpts from his dictation are posted below, and anyone who would like to read it in its entirety (my personal information is blocked out) may write for it.

My new healing is ongoing and with help from the Spirit, I’m growing stronger every day. And there was also another spiritual healing on May 28th. Since then I’ve gone from knowing Jesus personally, to being in love with Him. Standing tall is to be my way of showing victory in Jesus, and years of chronic pain had left me standing and walking as though I had osteoporosis. The pain caused me to bend forward so my spine grew to be curved that way. With my new healing, my first priority was to stand tall and walk tall with my shoulders back, much like the way President Bush does– without using a cane. At first it was awkward and painful–I could only do it for a few seconds. Now I can walk standing tall for quite a way, and it won’t be long before I’m walking that way all the time. Thank You Jesus! The metal rods supporting the lower half of my back had caused muscle atrophy, but now that I’m able to exercise more, I have new muscles growing in my lower back. God entrusted me (again) to a few acres in the mountains with lots of big trees, and a really good trout fishin’ creek running through it–He gave me this place after healing me in 1996, but that miracle is a whole different story. Perhaps I’ll include it when I start telling this testimony out loud–in keeping my part of the deal I made with God (I’m scared to death of public speaking, so please pray that God will give me courage!). I was in so much pain that I let the upkeep on my place go for at least five years, but now that God Almighty Himself has so graciously given me back my life, I’m (carefully) catching up on the work, and the old place is starting to look nice again.

And God provided Rosie–an eight year old Border Collie, to see me through the whole ordeal. She’s been with me for eight of the ten years since God first healed me. What a blessing Rosie is! I live alone and Rosie is my service dog–without her, I never would have survived. The "Americans With Disabilities Act" defines a service dog as a dog that helps a disabled person in any way. Here’s how Rosie helps me. With severe neurological pain in my legs and sometimes my whole body, the very last (and most painful) thing I wanted to do, was to go for a walk. But my doctors have told me over and over, that walking is the best exercise I could do, and that I needed to walk every day. So every day (for at least the past seven years), 365 days a year, Rosie has forced me to take her to a nearby park (one that has a 360 degree view of the mountains–a great place to pray), to walk and throw a Frisbee for her. She is relentless! It doesn’t matter if it’s a raging blizzard outside, Rosie still forces me to go, and I’ve always gone, even with excruciating pain. And I’ve usually felt better after.

Second to God, I owe my life to her. Thank you Lord! …And Rosie’s eye is okay–it’s half light blue & half brown.

If we desire the blessing of God’s healing, we first need to desire the Blesser–His Son Jesus. For no matter how we pray, it is still by His Blood that we are healed. We can’t desire the blessing, without desiring the Blesser. We can’t seek His mercy if we don’t seek His will, and it is God’s will that we have a personal relationship with His Son, Jesus. It is true that the Spirit moves as He wills (some may even be healed without praying), but when we are asking for God’s will to include the healing of our bodies and souls, we must realize that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit (1st Corinthians 6:19), and we need to have the Holy Spirit living within us, if we expect Him to heal us. When we invite Jesus into our hearts, a personal relationship with Him starts immediately, and at that time, His Spirit, the Holy Spirit, joins with our spirits, and the two become one. "The one who joins himself to the Lord is one in spirit with Him." (1st Corinthians 6:17). The greatest commandment God has given us is, "You shall love the Lord your God with all you heart…" (Matthew 22:37), and God also said, "Because he loved Me, I will deliver him…he will call on Me and I will answer him…I will rescue him and honor him." (Psalm 91, 14 & 15). God always keeps His word.

It’s a simple prayer to invite Jesus into your heart and to learn to love Him–He already loves you. All you need to say is, "Dear Jesus, I know I’m a sinner and I want to repent from the way I’ve lived my life so far. Please help me change. I believe you really are the Son of God, who died for my sins on the cross, and you also shed your Blood on the cross so that I can be healed. Jesus, please come into my heart and give me a new life, forgive me of all my sins, give me a miraculous healing of my body and take away all my pain. Jesus, please have mercy on me and start my healing today. Please help me follow and obey all of Your commandments, and from now on, I promise that will live for You. Please lead me and guide me. Thank you Jesus. Amen"

Rejoice always; there were so many times that I thanked God for my pain, because I knew–sooner or later, it would be for His glory. Pray without ceasing: If we want and expect God to heal us, we need to start praying and then pray until we are healed. There were many times when I would put up with pain for days, or weeks, or even months, until I would finally say to myself, "enough is enough–I am going to pray until God heals me again." Sometimes I prayed continuously for days, but it always worked, one way or another I was always healed. In everything give thanks, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus: Start thanking God for your healing while you are praying for it. God loves praise and thanks! Sometimes when I am praying the Spirit leads me to just give thanks–and my giving thanks to God, even when I’m giving thanks for something I haven’t seen yet (faith), always leads to healing.

You have my permission to copy this testimony, and for all who seek God’s healing, I recommend reading, "Christ The Healer" by F. F. Bosworth.


"After his last visit with me in April, he did have a major change in his pain cycle, which he attributes primarily to an hour of prayer and now he is completely withdrawn from morphine…he did explain a reaction to his pain which occurred after intensive prayer involvement with the church, and one episode at home where there was a sensation of electricity going through his pelvis into his abdomen… Since then, he felt that he was cured and he immediately withdrew from the morphine with no repercussions. He is currently comfortable and has abandoned attempts to treat the pain surgically."

Dr. T’s conclusion: "The patient has improved dramatically. I am pleased. Regardless of the explanation, he is clearly improved. I will have him return to see us every six months."


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Normal Neck X-Ray, & X-rays of my neck after God’s healing–looks the same but NO PAIN!



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