Spritual Life Fellowship- All Nite Fasting & Prayer Vigil

Join Us Tonite for a Nite of Fasting & Prayer
for Revival in Our Churches around the Nation as well as Around the World
for Salvation of our friends & family members
for Protection of Our Children
for the Movement of the Holy Spirit Around the World
for Restorations of our Families
Most Importantly For God’s Will to be Done
Here on Earth as it is Done in Heaven
for information on our pastor’s schedule & see if he’s going to be in your location & check out his internet radio messages or order one of his teaching series as well as directions to either of our church locations – drop on by & pray with us or come in on Sunday for Worship Services & Good Godly Bible Based Teachings
Both churches will be praying tonite
Join us in your own personal church prayer group or church
or even in your own home from 7p est to 5am est
Where 2 or more are gathered together He is in our midst &
Where 2 – 3 Stand in Agreement in Shall be Done in Jesus Name
Tonight Spiritual Life Fellowship 2 churches is having an Intercessory Prayer Vigil

We’re coming together tonight to Pray & Fast for Our Churches, Our Christian Brothers & Sisters in Other Nations, Our Nation, Our World & Our Families

Fasting & Praying Starting at 7pm until 5am tomorrow morning


I’ve got a few prayer cards which I’ll be bringing into to pray over lifting up our groups

If you’d like me to add a prayer card for you personally please email me

Also during this time period join us in your own home or church &

Fast from evening until morning while reading your bible & saying your prayers

So that we may be in agreement to claim the victory of our family restorations


Husband & Wife: [First Names Last Initial] (Byron & Theresa T.)

Restore this Marriage established in [year married] (1992)

Children: [just their sex & age] (Daughter 23 Son 22 & G-son 6)

State & Country: [that your Family home is/will be located] (Hartford, CT USA)


Remove from this marriage All UnGodly Influences & any OM/OW:

 (Robin G. & Moocher Gang from Comcast Cable)


Bring to Salvation the following family members & friends:

(Husband = Byron T., Windsor, CT;

  FiL & MiL = Jim J. & Mary J., Windsor, Ct;

Brother = James J.4, Hopewell Jct., NY

Uncle & Aunt & young cousin = Rodney, Theron, & Trevor J., Alexandria, VA

Aunt & young cousin = Judy K. & Aaron M., Los Angeles, CA

Best Friend = Donnell H., East Hartford, CT)


Heal the following friends & family members:

(Uncle Jesse J., Kidney Problems; Hopewell Jct., NY

Mark P., Heart Trouble;  Saginaw, TX

Charita M., Sugar Diabetes; Hartford, CT)


Financial Type & Protective Needs:

(Mickey & Cesar E., El Paso, TX = Housing

Lovette C., Hartford, CT = Guidance & Additional Earnings

Andre C., Sasebo, Japan = Protection, & Guidance

Charita M., Hartford, CT = Guidance



Copy & paste the section below & email me the prayer requests you have at PowerofPrayingWife@yahoo.com

 ******* Start the Copy & Paste from here Please *******

Husband & Wife:

Restore this Marriage established in:


State & Country:


Remove from this marriage All UnGodly influences & any OM/OW:


Bring to Salvation the following family members & friends:


Heal the following friends & family members:


Financial Type & Protective Needs:



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