Bible? Book of Prayers? Blood Sugar Machine

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Hi Hubby;


I was wondering if you had one of the bibles I’ve given
to you over there? Take a look around might be downstairs in the bookshelf if
not up on the 3rd floor.


Do you know where that small book of prayers is that I gave
you? Just for an experiment, could you take the time to say at least one prayer
a day from the book out loud for the next 40 days & see if things do start
to get better in life.


Have you remembered to look around for the Blood Sugar
Machine & the strips to go with it?


By the way you never did say how you liked the tape of
Pastor Paul, what do you think of what he had to say?


Since 3 days of OT is roughly $500 extra dollars that
was in this paycheck,

can we now get the curtain rods I showed you so I can
put curtains up in the living room & the boys room so people can’t look in,

the piano hinges to fix the doors which are falling off
their hinges &

some decent comforters & blankets for the cold
nites which are already here


Like I was reminding you tonite, last week Thursday you
were “tired” & in a rush to leave out but it’s quite unfair to have me
stressing over the fact that unpaid bills I’m getting hounded over & I have
been patiently waiting for you to pick a new time & place for us to sit down
& discuss the finances so that my mind can be eased because there’s a plan
in place to get them tended to, –


I have been trying so hard to avoid nagging but I
deserve a Real Bed

it’s been over a year that I’ve not been able to sleep
on one & until recently I’ve not complained about it to you

but what you don’t understand is just how much pain I’m
in part of which is caused by these hard futon bails of hay –

they’re too hard to be called mattresses they feel just
as hard as the hay bails stacked up in the barn when I was a kid –

you probably never think about it because when you stay
the nite you’re only here for a nite or 2 at a time& then you go to Jim’s
house to sleep on your mom’s bed,

but this sleeping arrangement has in fact made things
worse for me physically –

one of the reasons that the doc was so ready to show
you the x-rays so you could see just what my spine looks like that isn’t
visible to just look at me but in x-ray you can see the reason why I’m in pain


I’m going to end this now because this is longer than I
had planned




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