CIGS!!! LAUNDRY!!! SrewDriver Battery

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Hey Hubby;


I don’t know what is up with your attitude –
why you are neglecting to email or call to give a time when you’ll be
stopping by with the stuff & grabbing the clothes & getting the repair
items fixed & let me know what day you’ll be bringing home the
printouts so that I can work – but you shorted me on the cash this last
paycheck & then disappeared


I need Cigs, & SlimFast & Milk


I need the laundry done ASAP it’s been 3 weeks

Clean Underwear & Shorts or money to buy more since
you’ve got new shorts &

I’ve only got 3 pr although I have had to resort
to wearing the nite shorts outside in this heat just “cause it’s
way too hot for jeans


The screwdriver battery you took to charge before last
paycheck, I’ve been expecting for you to bring it back to get the screws
tightened up (longer ones I think maybe needed) in the armoire which the TV is
sitting on as it’s totally off the top hinge now


Have you found the power strip yet that was left at
your mom’s house?

If you’ve still not found it then please buy a
new one for the dining room outlet so that it can be used – there’s
only 1 outlet there & the ac in the living room  is working too hard since
the room isn’t properly blocked of & the cool air goes out the front
door or the porch door when ever either are opened – I found the type of
poles that I was trying to tell you about at Target


Email or call me so I know what time you are stopping
by – with this heat Keith & I have been going to the park sometimes
so he can run around under the sprinklers & tire himself out before going
to bed




No virus found in this outgoing message.
Checked by AVG Free Edition.
Version: 7.1.394 / Virus Database: 268.10.1/389 – Release Date: 7/14/2006

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