UPDATE ME! Printouts were needed TUESDAY! Grinder & cherry/vanilla coke

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Hi Hubby;


Ok I don’t know what’s going on with you
but you could at least update me as to what you’re doing so that I
don’t call up to the job expecting to talk to you only to be told that
you’re “not in today” & looking stupid, that’s very
disrespectful on your part towards me not to speak of the fact that it makes me
worry if you are ok & just hanging out or sick or in an accident or who
knows what


The reason that I’ve been calling is because you
had promised to print up the dispatch sheets & other related stuff so that
I can get paid for these assignments, no they’re not a lot of money but
it is something – it’s kind of depressing how again whether you
purposefully mean to do it or if it’s just an unconscious thing but you
always seem to do your best to prevent me from doing what ever job I may get –


That’s very unfair to not keep me posted when
I’ve asked, your health is my concern both as your wife & as your
truest friend (even if you appear not to appreciate or value that friendship
all the time) &

most importantly I’ve never sent you into surgery
without 1st praying (& having others pray as well) that the
doctors involved (by name) that God guides their hands & their brains to do
the very best for you & that God protect you during the surgery &

now I find out I didn’t have you covered by
proper prayer Tuesday so I’m glad that it wasn’t done then &

now the prayers which I do say aren’t specific
because I don’t know what to pray for specifically


Dec 02 we made promises to each other during this time
of separation

I wouldn’t pressure you to come home

& that promise I’ve kept & have made the
hardest effort to not say anything which might be mistaken as trying to put
pressure on you to come home regardless of how I might feel inside &

You promised to let me go to all of your doctor appointments
& know what’s going on for symptoms so that I can keep all of the
doctors updated & we can work as a team to keep you as healthy as we can
for a medical team

What’s going on that suddenly you feel that you
must hide from me what’s going on? I asked you about your vision before
the appointment on may 1st & you said you were seeing fine, (but
the reason I asked was due to how your eye was red & you seemed to not be
able to read correctly) I asked you again on the 1st & again
twice after, but you lied to me & that really hurts & I’m not
understanding why


Jim answered the phone yesterday when I called over
there since I didn’t get an answer from you or your mother when I called
to find out if you were out from work due to getting the surgery & Jim said
he didn’t know for sure but he didn’t see you wearing an eye patch,
but he does know that Mary did tell you to call me & gave you the phone –
I guess that was her passing you the phone around 6:45ish when the phone here
rang only once & when I picked it up there was a dial tone, so I know that
you got the message that I was worried about what was happening with your
surgery that you didn’t tell me about & it’s not right that you
didn’t even send me an email Tuesday nite when you have the computer
right there if you didn’t want to be embarrassed talking on the phone
right in front of your parents


You know that Uncle Herb died right there on the
operating table during his cataract surgery so it’s not like I’m
being paranoid about something bad happening, just like my Grandfather died of
a heart attack on his way home from work, pulled over the car after working OT &
he was found the next morning sitting behind the wheel of his Cadillac or the
fact that my cousin Keith never made it to the party because the car he was
riding in flipped end to end & Uncle Jesse was awakened at 2am in the
morning to ID his body


Sorry if I’m sounding mean but well I am hurt
& confused but mostly over being mad at you for having me worry like you

Pick me up a meatball grinder with provolone
cheese & peppers & cherry vanilla coke please
tired & so tired of spaghetti which Lil Man & I have been eating on all
week long it (seems like forever)


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