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Hi Hubby;

Ok I don’t know what’s going on with you
but you could at least update me as to what you’re doing so that I don’t
call up to the job expecting to talk to you only to be told that you’re “not
in today” & looking stupid, that’s very disrespectful on your
part towards me


The reason that I’ve been calling the past 2 days
is because you had promised to print up the dispatch sheets & other related
stuff so that I can get paid for these assignments, no they’re not a lot of
money but it is something & right now this blessing which God has passed on
to me is about to be taken away due to me having to for a 2nd day
lie to these people & tell them that the printer on your job isn’t
working so I can’t fax over to them the completed sheets



Ps: are you getting the surgery done today since you
didn’t get it done yesterday & that’s why you’re not at

That’s very unfair to not keep me posted when I’ve
asked, your health is my concern both as your wife & as your truest friend
(even if you appear not to appreciate or value that friendship all the time)

most importantly I’ve never sent you into surgery
without 1st praying (& having others pray as well) that the
doctors involved (by name) that God guides their hands & their brains to do
the very best for you & that God protect you during the surgery &

now I find out I didn’t have you covered by proper
prayer yesterday so I’m glad that it wasn’t done then &

today the prayers which I did say weren’t
specific because I didn’t know what to pray for specifically


I don’t understand why all of a sudden you feel
that you must hide from me the details about your health

when back in Dec 02 we made promises to each other
during this time of separation

I wouldn’t pressure you to come home

& that promise I’ve tried my best to keep
& have made the hardest effort to not say anything which might be mistaken
as trying to put pressure on you to come home regardless of how I might feel
inside &

you promised to let me go to all of your doctor
appointments & know what’s going on for symptoms so that I can keep
all of the doctors updated & we can work as a team to keep you as healthy
as we can for a medical team

(you know how all of the doctors have commented that it’s
great that I’m able to keep up with all that’s going on &
relate to each of them what the others have said so they can keep all working
together – even doc metersky reminded you of that on the 1st of
may when we went to that 1st appointment since Oct 04!)


What’s going on that suddenly you feel that you
must hide from me what’s going on? I asked you about your vision before
the appointment on may 1st & you said you were seeing fine, (but
the reason I asked was due to how your eye was red & you seemed to not be
able to read something correctly) I asked you again on the 1st &
the again twice after that, but you lied to me & that really hurts & I’m
not understanding why you would

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