Just been too busy

Just been too busy to update as much as I’d like to
Daughter is driving me crazy with her attitude’s & trying to be as irresponsible as possible & as much as I love my g-baby, he’s NOT my responsibility to keep him 42/7 so that when she gets out of work she can forget about doing things for him that need to be done & most importantly spending time with him,
instead going out to party leaving her own apartment a pig stye that if the apartment owners had gone into the place they’d tell her to get out she’s a slob
no reason for there to be a mess if it’s just her studying at nite!
but instead there’s empty liquor bottles & dishes & dirty clothes & papers tossed every where!  her so called friends need to help her clean after they party there
Byron’s been actting up with a mega attitude,
last pay I had to call his parents about the fact that byron hadn’t given me a dime in cash other than the rent check, but he got to go hang out & buy beer for the moochers & i guess he’s trying to date someone new but it’s not quite gotten off the ground yet
’cause after a month byron finally gave me some sex this past thursday after the graduation (I did get a nice juicey steak dinner before the nookie) – wish i could just say no but a month is a long time to go without nookie for me – it might be a bit easier if I had a new toy to play with & keep me busy at nite
but right now I’ve not got the funds for a new toy, got something more exciting to do with the bit of money which i do have saved up & after it’s finished I’ll be posting all about it!
As you can see from the new photos I’ve been doing a few projects
in addition to having to deal with Byron aka  "Mr Wanna Control My Wife’s Life but Have an Attitude ‘Cause I’m Married to a Good Woman but Don’t Want Her but I Don’t Want her to Find Nobody Else so I won’t Let her Work in Real Estate Where She was Good" & daughter aka "Miss I Got an Attitude ‘Cause I Wanna Hang Out Like my Friends but My Mom Doesn’t Want me to ‘Cause I got a Kid I Should be Taking of When I get Out of School or Work"
well it’s time for me to end this so I can get some more small stuff moved around while I wait for Byron to finally get his butt over here with my Rx’s & move the living room bookcase & rug
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