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Hi Hubby;


Thanks for dinner ,

Lil’ Man’s excited about his GI Joes armband that was the toy inside,

he’s munching on the happy meal while we’re trying to get him ready for school –

he woke up early since he went to sleep before dinner came last nite (5:30am)


I think the girl is angrier about your behavior this weekend than I am,

But then again I had an idea were you going out when you gave me the hard time Saturday on the phone

She certainly wasn’t expecting to run into her Dad hanging out without her Mom you know


You overspent while you were out & that sucks but it’s done already

But lying about where the money was spent is an insult to my intelligence

So not only didn’t I get any sex or alcohol for my birthday weekend

Now I have to wait for the books to be ordered


I think your guilt feelings may have prevented you from realizing

What my biggest complaint about this whole weekend actually is…


That had I known that you weren’t going to be coming back over

(As you promised that you were going to do)


I would’ve insisted upon you doing me first friday nite, cause you got your rocks off &

Then you left me high & dry (or truth be told hot & bothered) with no relief

& that was just down right wrong



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