Talking about Feature requests


I’ve left a Suggestion that MSN SPaces make it a permission type thing & the ability to delete out TrackBacks that the Spaces Owners don’t want on their Blogs – I don’t mind comments or TrackBacks if they are in response to what I’m posted but I resent  that people are sending Bots to add TrackBack links to spam sites which have nothing to do with my posts & on top of that I’m not receiving any sort of compensation for their free advertising


Hey if they want to advertise giving away ipods or xboxes then they should be sending me one for their link & free advertising & definately giving me some sort of compensation commission for the links to their sites



Feature requests

We wanted to thank each and every one of you who have left ideas and future requests on the web site.  We really appreciate knowing what you like, and what you would like to see in the future.  We have taken some of these requests and are looking at them, keep your eyes peeled you may see them in a future version of Spaces!  In the meanwhile,  If you have any new feature request please let us know by adding a comment below!

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4 Responses to Talking about Feature requests

  1. 淑珍 says:


  2. Dee says:

    Please help, I purchased a song from MSN music to download on "MySpace".  I followed your instructions as to how to add music, but it doesn\’t work for me, why is it so hard?  What now?

  3. Alikhan says:

    I was on the MSN feature requests page, saw that you\’d trackbacked the page, and thought I\’d visit. I\’m lucky cos I haven\’t been spammed by these trackback ipod fakes, but understand your prob. I had a few requests which I\’ll stick here just cos I\’ve got nowt else to write:

    1) More HTML module features. I want my msn space to be different and although I\’ve managed to get a banner using the powertoys, I\’d like more flexibility.
    2) Notification of comments.
    How about an email to say "you\’ve got a new comment" – I know definitly does this! Maybe you could integrate this with MSN messenger, and provide a popup message to state that a new comment as been added.
    3) More layouts/More themes 
    I feel a bit limited with the number of layouts and themes available. More please.
    4) Flexibility with comments
    It appears that you can only add comments if you have an msn passport. A lot of my visitors come from search engines, and so not everyone can comment. I\’d like to allow them to comment please.

    5) STATS!!!
    I only have one week of stats. Why can\’t you provide a mechanism of saving last weeks/last months stats especially as when I check on sunday, the stats for the week get reset to ZERO!
    Ok enough from me..

  4. Pamela says:

    Ahhh, That\’s why my friends don\’t leave a comment. RE: Ak-Images comments….Lot\’s of great ideas there. I agree…Pam:)

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