Adventures in Bridgeport to see Bishop T D Jakes @ Harbor-Yard Arena

Unfortunately they said no cameras on the sign outside the door so we had to walk back to the car to put it away & then go back to get seats

I suppose we could’ve stayed on line & see if they would allow us in

But I didn’t want to risk having any trouble after staying in Bridgeport all day just for the chance to see & hear Bishop


We almost got to see Bishop TD Jakes speak on Thursday nite

Lil Man fell asleep about 5 minutes before he got on stage & I had to leave about 5 minutes when Bishop got started

It was a crazy tiring but kind of fun day for me & Lil Man walking around Bridgeport while we waited for us to be able to get into the Harbor-Yard Arena


Bridgeport makes me kind of think of NYC & is doing a better job of trying to revitalize than Hartford is doing because it’s trying to make & keep living space as well as business space downtown & not just big business but small businesses


What they are lacking is small family eat in style type places like Friendly’s ice cream or Old Country Buffet to eat & there’s limited shopping –

no big CVS or Walgreens although they do have a small Rite Aid drug store there & of course McDonalds & KFC,

Lil Man swears he saw a Burger King but I never did


I knew that Rita had to be lying about TD Jakes going to the tiny hole in the wall church that she was attending with Jerome’s mother & sisters & cousins –

when they announced that Bishop was coming onto the stage they were talking about how he’s not been to CT in years &

when he had come in the past he wasn’t known like he is now,

the arena wasn’t filled to capacity but it did have several thousand people there

& the main reason that it wasn’t filled to capacity was due to them not putting forth publicity

& allowing for people to get the free tickets even when coming into the arena once it was started which they should’ve done –

because they didn’t it was commented on stage that some people were going to have to deal with God about the fact they sold tickets which had been given for free



if they had then Byron could’ve stayed to see Bishop too & we could’ve gotten the car jumped afterwards when the service ended

I’m really thankful that Byron came even thou he came early

Normally they don’t allow people back nto the Arena after they’ve gone in but since it was Bishop the one really nice guy at the door said I could

When I explained to him why Byron had showed up & that Byron had come such a distance to jump the car

By the time that we got the car jumped & Byron said I’d have to let it run a bit to get a charge

So we chatted while it charged & figured that it was already 930p so by the time I walked back to the Arena Bishop would be finishing up

So we just left & headed back homewards & he brought Lil Man upstairs & put him into bed


CT is trying to get resparked in religion I guess – about time – the Northeast is in Need of Revival

not only did td jakes get here with singer Marvin Sap but next week Kirk Franklin is coming to 1st cathedral –

you know that big new church at the corner of blue hills with the school & the scrolling sign outside –

the tickets for Kirk Franklin are $29 & $39 according to the recording – 1-888-971-2047

now unfortunately due to the poor publicity & high ticket prices I doubt they’ll get as big of a crowd as they normally could get but they’ll fill the church I’m sure –


it would be nice to see them go into the old civic center or the new convention center but they need more planning on the publicity side to make that happen

I’m pretty sure that they could fill it if they did such an event but it seems that people in this area have poor planning skills

But it would be so great to start seeing Revival come to CT especially to Hartford’s new convention center or the Meadows outdoor venue

& the preachers like Bishop T D Jakes, Pastor John Hagee, Paula White, Joyce Myers, Pastor Rod Parsley to name a few good well known preachers

Pastor Luis Palau with his youth ministry & I’m not sure who the minister is who has the other big youth ministry


Ok enough about what I’d love to see happen & onto our adventure


7am we were heading out to gas up the wagon

I wasn’t happy with the cost of the gas $2.97 gal but it was better than $3+ which is what they have in NY state

We were in Bridgeport by 8:15 am & standing in line by 8:35am


traffic wasn’t too bad until we hit a few of the city exchanges like 84 & 91 connection & the 91 & 95 connection

the only fault that I had with the online directions which I had Byron print was that I wasn’t prepared for the exit number –

27 or 27A but actually that was more on the highway signage rather than the directions

because I’d never been to Bridgeport before I got just a bit confused once I got off the highway

again that’s due to poor signage in Bridgeport,

but I did find parking on the street not far from the Arena for FREE – something that you can’t find in downtown Hartford!


Had the church’s website told the truth of the time of the tickets being given out I’d have brought out our chairs from the car

But the church website said the tickets would be given out at 9am not the 10am time which they posted on a hand written sign there

The line was long, but nice & quiet considering the number of people there

Once they finally started giving out the tickets shortly after 10am

the line moved pretty quickly considering the number of people in line & only 1 ticket per person


Lil Man & I headed back to the car to pick up a snack for him

Then we went out to do a small bit of exploring

We’d walk around for a while & then go back to the car to sit & give my legs a break


We discovered 3 parks during our walks

One which is downtown in the middle of things with trees & benches

Nice & it seemed to have an area where it would be nice for artisans & musicians to perform & / or play during the day

The PlayHouse on the Green was across the street from this park


We ventured around further & asked one of the security guards about a Friendly’s type eating place

But he said that there wasn’t one around unless I got in the car & drove along way down

Since I didn’t want to attempt to drive without a map of the city I just decided if we’d be able to walk a bit & find someplace to eat


During our venture out we came across the Old Savoy Hotel

I had to taek a picture of it on the way back to the car

Shame to see a hotel that I’ve only known from old movies in such disarray & abandoned

Wish I had the money to be able to buy it & then have fun trying to restore it for the new century


Past the Savoy we came upon park number 2

Lil Man had a ball just running chasing the birds & paying with the sculptures

There were 3 but the 3rd one had been broken off & removed

The pretty façade that sorta makes you think of  old times according to Lil Man

Hid in fact a homeless colony – I told Lil Man that since there was stuff there that we should leave

I didn’t see anyone there but definitely there was 3 different places marked out –

shame that in America we have homeless people but at least these have found a “safe” place to sleep

I guess it’s another reason that Bridgeport made me think of NYC Hartford tries to pretend they don’t have homeless but they do as well

The homeless just don’t have pretty places to call their home & have to sleep under the highway overpasses


We had quite a time walking & just chit chatting as best as a 5 yr old can chit chat about life

After spending a small bit of time at the park we traveled back slowly towards the car & hopefully food

Stopping at the Savoy for pictures on the way back we crossed the street to get a better view


We enjoyed the trees in the direct downtown section where the majority of the construction was going on

But as we had walked further out the reconstruction hadn’t yet gotten to making that as nice

So we were getting a bit hot, tired & hungry


Stopping at Rite Aid was quite disappointing considering how the CVS & Walgreens stores

around us in Hartford & surrounding area are all much bigger stores & seem to have a whole lot more to offer in the way of goods

but I think that’s why I have always preferred CVS & Walgreens over Rite Aide to start with

so the franchise people need to look at going in to the area


I did love the fact that many of the businesses seemed to be small store front owners but that there was housing over top

Hartford needs to do more of that to help keep people in the downtown after the insurance companies close at nites


Lil Man & I stopped at KFC to pick up a 6 piece meal for lunch & dinner

Then we walked back to the car to eat

I loved the fact that our parking space was so close to the arena, but unfortunately there was no shade where we parked

So while we were eating I tried to run the ac & the cd player –


OK I now know that was a big mistake, but I wasn’t sure if we’d get in trouble trying to eat in the grove of trees on the corner

It was wonderfully cool looking but it was on a tight corner angle

With traffic heading towards the highway entrance which was a block up

I didn’t think it was quite safe enough for me & Lil Man to be in case a car jumped the curb

Or if Lil Man decided to try to chase birds & not pay attention & run into the street


Afetr we spent time relaxing in the car from our lunch we headed back out to park #1

Stayed there for a bit & then walked to Rite Aid to pick up a cold 2 liter bottle of soda

Again disappointment since there was none cold in their cooler section

So we headed back to the car for our cups & to let my legs rest


After going for along time away from the arena I decided to test out whats in the direction opposite

So we headed out towards the arena to check on what time they’d be opening up the doors

It was about 3pm by then & the guys were starting to set up the line things

The 1st guy who answered said 7pm but that’s when the event started

The 2nd guy said no the doors open to get seats at 530p


So we walked & walked & thought how pretty it was to see they had houses near the arena

As well as a couple of churches which weren’t open for business right then

(ok my mind is constantly going, I thought it would’ve been nice for those churches to be having a bake sale or something

I mean we weren’t the only people from out of town & it could’ve been a good chance for them to show off

what Bridgeport has to offer as well as a way to make a small bit of money for the churchs that were in walking distance to the arena)


SaeSide Park was nice considering just how much it was visible that Bridgeport is a depressed city

Closed up businesses all along the one side & falling apart ware houses

The benches were in ok condition but not so comfortable looking


I didn’t take pictures of the Remington Steele building or the othrs

Had I known that I wasn’t suppose to bring a camera into the arena I would’ve

But I was saving my last 2 & ½ disks for when we got inside hoping to be able to get a picture of Bishop  & Marvin Sap


Lil Man had a great time walking along & seeing the ocean

Of course being a 5yr old he commented on the smell of the ocean &

screamed in disgusted delight over the fish tail we found dropped by a bird


by the time we found the playground area it was near time for us to go back to get in line for the event

had I known about how long that line was going to be &

the fact we’d have to get out of line to bring the camera to the car

I’d have just stayed at the park then gone to drop off the camera & then gone into the arena after they’d opened the doors


In spite of the fact there were so many Free ttickets being given away

We were able to get good seats which was certainly a shock for me


I guess it was around 6p by the time we got inside

Lil Man had a ball during the praise & worship singing that they had

& when they had testimony he sat nicely

because we had end seats he was able to sing & dance to his lilttle hearts content


Lil Man gave all of us a laugh when he tried to catch the lady who was carrying the offering bucket

He lost sight of her & started heading towards the stage

But he was able to deiver the offering & even brave enough not to cry as I was heading down towards him

He was so set on accomplishing his mission he was about to get lost

Boy 5yr olds can run fast when on a mission


The Harbor-Yard Arena was certainly God’s House Thrusday nite

The service was excellent even thou I didn’t get the hear Bishop speak for more than 5 minutes or so

It was beautiful to see white black & Hispanic all together worshipping God


Even thou Lil Man fell asleep 5 minutes before Bishop was even introduced

& Byron showed up about 5 minutes into Bishop getting on stage

I was Blessed to have been there & enjoyed all that I did get to see. Hear & experience

I know that Lil Man enjoyed himself as well


 Well I’m going to end this

you’ll see from the pics we had a day full of Adventure

& this is the ned of what the pictures detail

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