Talking about Eviction for unmarried couples with kids? – U.S. Life –

 now if more towns & states would apply this law maybe marriage wouldn’t be such an avoided thing

it would help to lower the rate of unwed mothers shacking up with no goodnicks on their section 8 or in public housing & the family would be once more something that is valued rather than put down as something thats not required nor something to so easily walk away from as it is now

Town may evict unmarried couples with kids
Couple with 3 kids denied occupancy permit after moving to Missouri town

The Associated Press

Updated: 11:59 a.m. ET May 17, 2006

BLACK JACK, Missouri – The city council has rejected a measure allowing unmarried couples with multiple children to live together, and the mayor said those who fall into that category could soon face eviction.

Olivia Shelltrack and Fondrey Loving were denied an occupancy permit after moving into a home in this St. Louis suburb because they have three children and are not married.

The town’s planning and zoning commission proposed a change in the law, but the measure was rejected Tuesday by the city council in a 5-3 vote.

"I’m just shocked," Shelltrack said. "I really thought this would all be over, and we could go on with our lives."

The current ordinance prohibits more than three people from living together unless they are related by "blood, marriage or adoption." The defeated measure would have changed the definition of a family to include unmarried couples with two or more children.

Mayor Norman McCourt declined to be interviewed but said in a statement that those who do not meet the town’s definition of family could soon face eviction.

Black Jack’s special counsel, Sheldon Stock, declined to say whether the city will seek to remove Loving and Shelltrack from their home.

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Eviction for unmarried couples with kids? – U.S. Life –

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