FW: [marriagerestoration] Doreen’s Daily Delights – Apr. 5 – Can These Dry Bones Live!!

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Thought this was something encouraging for all of us to consider while we Stand for our Marriages


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Pastor Doreen

Your words bring me joy as I sit here, because the prayer was
answered! My husband was restored home.  God kept His promise to let
no man end out marriage.  God’s love for me shines today brighter
than ever before!  NOTHING is too hard for the Lord.  I had to
surrender the situation completely to God and His response was to
show me His love and His faith:  my husband is home, where he is safe
and loved.  Now we can pray for my husband’s return to faith.  And I
sing Hallelujah! Praise God and give all Glory to God!

Please feel free to post this under testimony and I look forward to
your continued messages.  They are wonderful and uplifting and filled
with hope.  I print them out and read them over and over.  Thank God
for you!

Name Withheld
Can These Dry Bones Live?

Are you in a dead dry bone situation?  Can your dead marriage survive
separation from your spouse?

37:1-2 – Ezekiel is carried to a valley full of very dry bones.  I
want you to imagine this scene with me.  These bones are scattered
everywhere – very white – very dry.  Bones all over the place
scattered by the wild animals so that there is nothing but
miscellaneous bones as far as the eyes can see.

For Ezekiel, this is a vision of the nation of Israel … 37:11.  There
was no way that Israel could get themselves out of Babylonian
captivity.  They were like these dead, dry bones…in a
graveyard…dead…in a hopeless situation.

Maybe this describes some of what you are going through today.  You
look around you, and it seems hopeless.  Everything seems to have
gone wrong.  Your spouse is gone.  Your life is a mess…OR…at
least it’s not what you want it to be.  You see yourself in a valley
of dead, dry bones.

37:3a – Look at the question.  Ezekiel is looking at millions of
dead, dry bones, scattered about 100’s of square miles, AND …God
asks him, "Can these bones live?"  How would you answer that question?

When you look at your situation all you see is a valley of dead, dry
bones, you don’t see much hope, do you?  It’s hard to imagine those
dead, dry bones having life.  It’s hard to imagine your situation
ever getting better.  It’s hard to imagine life beyond our present

Israel has been taken captive by Babylon, Ezekiel can’t see much hope
for his people, BUT…he answers God’s question…37:3.

"Can these bones live?"  "I don’t see how…if they do, it will be up
to You, Lord!"

Ezekiel is telling God that God is in charge – in control.  God can
do whatever He wants to do.  With God, nothing is impossible.  If God
wants these dead, dry bones to live, they’ll live!  I say to you
PLAN to make dead, dry bones situations live.  Are you willing to
trust Him to give life to a dead situation?

Be encouraged

Pastor Doreen
2778 NW 193 Terr. Miami, FL 33056

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