Talking about Making Amends

 hhhmmm I’m wondering if there should be a 12 step program for Blogging?


How many people in this world have more than one blog going on?


What compells us to be online writing?


Is there a connection to Blogging addiction & Coffee / Cola addiction?


Making Amends

Ask me what I love more than my blog.


Other than family,Emily Crespin, watermelon, Buffy, and a little concoction I like to call “6 oz. of 7-11 coffee mixed with 6 oz. of 7-11 French Vanilla Cappuccino all for the one low price of $1.40”, the answer (i think) is nothing. And I’m lying about the coffee, it was just steaming up at me, begging to be added to the list. I caved. 


We know each other inside and out, My blog and I. We spend hours upon hours together without every getting bored. We listen to one another, comfort each other, help each other put things in perspective. Did you know we’re coming up on our two year anniversary? That’s way longer than any other relationship I’ve had.  But lately, we’ve drifted apart. The most recent post, about Whistler, I actually wrote over a month ago, the same weekend Seattle lost the super bowl (which I couldn’t care less about. There I said it.) Ben and Jason don’t spend that much time apart, and their long-distance relationship spans national borders. We’re like some old married couple who buy each other socks for Christmas and share morning fiber shakes instead of evening bottles of wine.


I accept most of the blame. I’ve been seeing another blog, my trysts with whom, are becoming more frequent. ICarriedAWatermelon knows this, and understands that my relationship with MessengerSays is based solely on Windows Live Messenger, nothing more. But I still think sometimes she gets jealous. It’s a total double standard that I’m allowed to write for other blogs, but she is, under no circumstances, allowed to be written by other bloggers.


The answer to our problems might be something Oliver Hurst-Hiller suggested long ago: Shorter Posts.  Or, to stick with our analogy: Quickies.


Before you scold me, John Goodwin, who has said he prefers soaking up the longer entries, I’m not talking about replacing the long posts. I would never completely give up my Sunday morning Victrola field trips. But I could also put aside a little time during the week to write some flash posts, like Alex Jhin, and his flash fiction.  Or like I used to do in college.Though apparently I made excuses then, too.   (Happy birthda

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