More pics of my Dad & some of My Mom

I just got in the mail from my Dad’s best friend Bobby MaGill some pics of Dad & Mom as well as a couple of "younger days" when they (Dad & Bobby) were growing up
Kinda feeling good but at the same time a small lump in the throat – most of the pictures which I had of my Mom were lost in my many moves so I have only a few of her when she was a baby from my grandmother taken when her husband was fighting in WW2 & right afterwards
I’m going to see if I can get some of the few pics that I have posted online by seeing if Byron can hook up the scanner for me
In the meantime I’ve been taking pics of the photos using my digi-cam
In talking with Uncle Bobby thursday nite – Dad shaved his mustache prior to his death – so just as I suspected Dad went "Home" to be with the Love of His Life – Elsie my Mom in the way that She knew Him all of their marriage a clean shaven man
I always knew that Mom’s Ghost haunted in the Gold Digger’s living spaces, when I’d go to the apartment & then later the house & see my Mom had been moved in by my Dad – Donna has always hated me because I’m Elsie’s daughter, a few say I look like her althou I’ve always thought I look more like my Dad but Uncle Bobby said something that shocked me & that was I sounded just like my Mom – it occurred to me that althou I have a memory of what my Mom looks like & even the smells of her like her perfume I can’t remember what Mom sounded like I mean I did use some of her motherly sayings but I can’t recall the tone of her voice other than that she was mostly soft spoken
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