When will Byron learn to leave the Moochers ALONE?

AAArrrggghhh Byron’s gone into the 401k again
& appears to be wasting the money on the moochers again! 
When is he going to learn that these moochers only want him around when he’s got money to spend on them?
We’ve got no cooking gas due to a bill needing to be paid from the last apartment back in april 04
He’s not yet replaced the vacuum cleaner he gave away nor the kitchen table or the queen size mattress
We still have another car which needs to be fixed before my gold digging step mother has it towed to the junk yard
$5000 where did he spend the money?
$2655 went to fix the wagon which he tore up since Oct 02
but there’s a withdrawal of $891 what did that go for?
there’s all sorts of smaller withdrawals totalling over $200 posted so far to the acct
& who knows how much byron spent before the 24th
which only how far the bank over phone records will go back
the deposit hit the acct back on the 20th
how much did byron spend from 3-20 to 3-24?
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