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Hey Byron;


It’s 11:37am
as I’m typing this

You were busy yelling at me to check the bag…

But you didn’t say anything about the money being
in the bag when you gave it to me

& you Did NOT put the rent check in the bag


You were angry towards me for NO REASON –

You left at 11:35am
plenty of time to get to work from here


The attitude I’m getting from you the past 2 days
is totally uncalled for; I mean I’m trying to ask you a legitimate
question & you’re biting my head off?


Where’s that coming from?

 My dad is the one dying from cancer but I’m
being calm & quiet even thou I’m unable to see him


Payday weekends you take off to hang out but I’m
steady trying to unpack this mess all by myself with the help of a 5 yr old


I have to listen to Jim (my brother) Donna &
Pearl’s mouth’s complaining about the money borrowed & not
re-paid & the Pontiac just sitting there un-repaired a yr now – Donna
wants it fixed & out of the yard like Yesterday


& then thru Lovette I’ve got to hear about
the unpaid parking tickets from Your Mother,

But I’ve tried to remain calm & quiet about
that as well –

Even thou what Mary is saying is a blatant lie which
either you told her or you’ve allowed her to believe


I’m venting here rather than calling work –
it’s now


I’m very hurt as well as angry – Why are
you stressing me?

How much more am I suppose to suffer?

How much more am I suppose to sacrifice & go hungry
& be in physical pain?


If I did wrong by you then you would have the right to
be angry with me,

But first it is your responsibility to tell me where I
did you wrong

As of yet You
have said nothing to me to indicate that I have done anything wrong to you





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