Talking about Windows Live Mail Support Blog launches!

Been waiting for my trial invite 


So far so good on the beta messenger 8 only a small connection glich which a re-install solved for me



Windows Live Mail Support Blog launches!

The Windows Live Mail Support team has just launched, a blog dedicated to helping Windows Live Mail users like you get answers to the most common problems. They’ll continue to update the blog as they find out about more common issues. Here are the topics so far:
  • Submitting A Windows Live Mail Incident
  • Joining Windows Live Mail Beta: Known Issues
  • How do I turn the Reading Pane Off?
  • How can I re-size the Reading Pane?
  • Can I import contacts into WLM?
  • Can I export contacts out of WLM?
  • Why don’t I have checkboxes like the Classic Hotmail View?
  • Can I change the color of my inbox?
  • Can I use Outlook with WLM?
  • Opting Out of WLM Beta
  • Connections: Common Sign-In Problems

Be sure to check this first if you have a question about Windows Live Mail. There’s a link to the support blog in our "FAQ" section.


Ellie Powers-Boyle

Program Manager

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1 Response to Talking about Windows Live Mail Support Blog launches!

  1. Ricardo says:

    This is first time that I\’m usisng this version of E-Mail

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