My Dad Died last Nite

My cuz gave me a call this morning to see if anyone had bothered to call me & let me know that my dad had passed away last nite – of course no one had called
She said that she was told by another cuz & i pointed out that they called her & she’s only a cuz but me who is dad’s 1st born child & only daughter
Donna couldn’t be bothered to call & let me know
My brother did finally call with his usualy greeting
 "james johnson calling for theresa tillett"
i bit my tongue & didn’t yell at him as to why
he didn’t bother to call me before now
since he knew dad was getting worse &
simply coldly said hello brother,
jim 4 had a bit of a stammer trying to get the words out so i asked him how was he holding up?
he said ok & that he couldn;t talk since they were trying to get the arrangements all made
& he’d call me back once they’re made –
i told him that as far as the arrangements go
i can’t make it unless he comes up to get me &
pointed out that the pontiac has been sitting up at dad’s since last yr
& the wagon was sitting before that
& can’t make it up to ny & back
with the broken spring & struts i only go local
so i’m trying to pack my suitcase for a couple of days stay but i’ve got nothing really to wear for the funeral
& no money to buy anything either
i’m not telling byron the bad news
since i intend to have what ever inheritance set up
so that he’s unable to benefit from it –
my dads hard earned money will not go
to get byron out of the debt that byron made wasting 
our hard earned savings that was supposed to go for our home down paument ($10k)
& his paychecks & the credit cards maxed out 
during his mlc bull crap 
if there’s enough to purchase a multi family home it will be out of state in a warmer climate
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