URGENT! – email sent to Byron about Mary Actting like an A$ $

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Ok you’ve got to give Jim’s cell number to me & L!

Jim doesn’t play these foolish games

I use to have Jim’s cell number but it’s packed somewhere


Your mother has crossed the boundaries again

You know that Dr David told you that it was

YOUR Responsibility to tell her to stay out of our family business

since she’s your mother Dr David said you needed to tend to it


L called since we’ve not heard from you yet

& Mary had the nerve to fuss at L

about unpaid parking tickets which you know you didn’t pay as if they came from L


She also had the nerve to tell L that

she wasn’t going upstairs to get you

She would tell you if she saw you!


L told Mary that her rent is in the car

& that she wouldn’t even bother to call except

 that she can’t even get over here to shovel out this car!


Jim does give that kind of bull to me or L

So we need his cell for emergencies like this

Jim just gets the message & then if you’re there he makes sure that you get it

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