Blizzard Feb 12 06

I hope that everyone who’s sharing in this blizzard along the east coast is staying inside & warm
Wow this snow is really coming down at noon & I’m not sure how well the pictures are going to show up thru the windows
The wind is really whipping around out there so I’m staying inside & taking pictures of the outside from the safety of the house –
G-son wants to go out & play in it but i think that we’ll wait until tomorrow for him to go out on the porch & play – I’m thinking that they’re most likely not going to have school tomorrow so that they have time to clear all of the roads, at the very least they’re going to have to a 90 minute delay but with this mess they may as well just give them the day off
Even the trains aren’t moving today – of course the airports are all closed & most people it’s reported were smart enough to just stay home rather than get stuck at the airport
Parts of CT have reported 20+ inches of snow along with the horizonitally blowing snow – they say this will stop after 5pm & & then the temps will drop into the teens due to the clear skies once this will pass but the wind chill will make it seem that it’s in single digits
This reminds me of the year that my daughter was born, we all joked that she was late coming out ’cause she didn’t want to come out in all of the snow that had come down during her actual due date time
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