FW: [marriagerestoration] Doreen’s Daily Delights – Feb. 11 – God WILL Open Your Spouse’s Heart!!

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I think we should all remember that if we stop praying for
our spouses then who else is going to do it for them?

Most certainly the OW isn’t going to pray for our husbands
salvation when she’s in the wrong with the Lord


We must remain strong even thou it does drag out & seem
as if there’s no hope at times


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Doreen’s Daily Delights – Feb. 11 – God WILL Open Your Spouse’s Heart!!


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Open Your Spouse's Heart!!

"One of those listening was a woman named Lydia...who was a worshiper

of God.  The Lord opened her heart to respond
to Paul's message." 


Many of you may be wondering if your spouse will
ever come to God,

wondering if he or she will open his or her heart
to the Lord.  This

verse did not say the Lord was knocking on
Lydia's heart.  The
scripture clearly states that, "The Lord
opened her heart to respond

to Paul's message."  (Acts

Did not the Bible say, the king's heart is in
God's hand?  We serve a

God who does not change.  He is the same
yesterday, today and

forever.  If He could open
Lydia's heart, He can and
will do the same

for your spouse and anyone else you may be praying

Paul and his friends went to find a place to pray
just outside the

city gates of
Philippi.  There they met
some ladies of whom
Lydia was
one.  Paul then took the opportunity to share
the gospel with these


Have you ever wondered just how to pray for your
unsaved spouse?  God

won't save someone who doesn't want to be saved,
will He?  And what

about this "free will" stuff that some
of you have heard about and

speak of; we do have a choice in the matter,
right?  Does a person

have to open his or her heart to the Lord, or can
the Lord do the

door opening on His own?

I think we have a clue that can be found in this scripture
that can

shed some light on these questions.  First of
Lydia was a
worshiper of God.  We are not quite sure from
the context just what

that means, but somehow she had an interest in God
(not necessarily

in Jesus).

Look at what the verse says.  When Paul
preached to these ladies, God

sovereignly opened
Lydia's heart.  It
doesn't say that the Lord was

knocking at her heart's door and she opened the
door.  It simply says

that GOD HIMSELF opened her heart to Paul's message
(so much for

that "free will" stuff!).  As a
result, she became a Christian.

Lydia was a worshiper of
God.  This may mean something.  It may mean

that He opened her heart because her heart was
ready to be opened.  I

think you can safely say then that He would at
least open the heart

of those who were looking for Him, even if they
didn't exactly know

what they were looking for.

It is then clear that God can (and does) open
people's hearts to His

Word.  I therefore conclude that we can pray
that He does such a

thing for these wayward spouses.

Be encouraged

Pastor Doreen
2778 NW 193 Terr.
Miami, FL 33056




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