FW: [marriagerestoration] Doreen’s Daily Delights – Feb. 4 – Waiting Can Be Painful!!

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This is
another email which speaks so well to my heart

I hope
that it speaks to yours as well

Standing over here


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Doreen’s Daily Delights – Feb. 4 – Waiting Can Be Painful!!


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Can Be Painful!!

Many of you have been waiting for months, some
years for the healing

and restoration of your marriage.  Waiting
can be very painful; there

is a feeling of restlessness and this seems so
unbearable.  Lord, how

long will this pain continue?  My dear
friends, I would like to

encourage you and let you know that we are
conformed to Christ's

likeness through pain and suffering.

It is the Potter's hand putting pressure on the
clay.  If there is no

suffering there is no learning.  Christ
called us to sacrifice and die

to self in our lives.  My friends, He will
not give you more than you

can bear.  Weeping may last for a night, but
joy comes in the morning.

The Lord knows your breaking point.

We find consistently throughout the scriptures
that those who live

godly are not promised prosperity and health or
are kept from


1 Pet. 4:12-16  "Beloved, do not think
it strange concerning the fiery

trial which is to try you, as though some strange
thing happened to

you; but rejoice to the extent that you partake of

sufferings, that when His glory is revealed, you
may also be glad

with exceeding joy."

Difficulties are what make us strong inside, a
life of pleasantries

and comfort soothes the flesh and makes one
relax.  As our trials

become deeper so does the well we draw from. 
Job said, "When He has

tested me I will come forth as gold." 
If we were to be immediately

delivered out of every trial we would be weak in
spirit.  The harder

it is for us, the more beneficial the
outcome.  So we need to view

everything as coming from God, the good and the
bad, because

essentially He has allowed it for a reason we
cannot see right now.

He is sovereign, He holds the keys.  It is
all filtered through the

pierced hand of our Savior for our good and His
glory.  So my friends,

continue to trust God.  He will not give you
more than you can bear.

Our values determine our evaluations.  If we
value comfort more than

character, then trials will upset us.  If we
value the material and

physical more than the Spiritual, we will not be
able to count it all

joy.  If we live only for the present and
forget the future, then

trials will make us bitter not better.

God gives us the ability to abide through the
trials, it is our

choice how we respond.  If we respond right,
character is built in us,

our faith is strengthened.  We have hope
because we see God working.

If our circumstance look dim and we see nothing
positive happening,

we need to have faith and trust God just the
same.  We can look back

on our former experiences in trials and see His
faithfulness knowing

the He will love us through our present
circumstances and that He

will not put us to shame.  My friends, God
will get the glory out of

this.  Press on, be strong and continue
trusting God.

Again, trust God, don't give up.  Give God
the glory by waiting for

Him to heal your marriage.

Be encouraged

Pastor Doreen
2778 NW 193 Terr.
Miami, FL 33056



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