Lost an Internet Friend Yesterday to Cancer

Lost an Internet Friend to Cancer yesterday
A woman who was Standing for her marriage while her husband was in MLC
My "real world" friends can’t possibly understand why I’d be crying over a woman who I never met in real life even once & who I don’t even know what she looks like,
but then again they aren’t people who go on line or even use email on a regular basis so they can’t relate to the idea of an internet friend
Mourning over an internet friend who has died isn’t crazy
there is still a loss, an emptiness as that person will never show again on your buddylist or send another inspiring email or on a rare occassion give a phone call
Who is to say that an internet friendship is of any less value than a friendship in the real world? There are some internet friendships which I value more than my own blood relatives who can’t be so bothered to pick up the phone to call & say hi or send an email card. There are internet friendships which have turned into real world friendships & I don’t value them any less simply due to the fact that they started online
My heart goes out to my friend’s daughter & husband
they will never know how much my friend meant to me
words just sometimes can’t describe a friendship or the feelings of gratitude that I had for her friendship or how she inspired me when I was in despair & ready to give up
I will miss my Sister in Christ & friend Karen
& I post her daughter’s email notification but also loving tribute here because Karen was a special person
& it should be with Joy that I also post since
Karen is now in a place free of pain or heartache or any of this world’s troubles

Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2006 09:32:24 -0800
Subject: joy

Although it may seem strange, it is with a joyful heart that I am writing to you to tell you that my mom passed away last night. She was a woman of great faith, and I am confident that she is home now with her Lord and Savior. My mom was a beautiful and courageous person, who put others before herself, and even in her last days, was humble and gracious to the nurses and all who surrounded her. I am impressed by the way that she handled herself throughout this ordeal, especially considering the pain that she was in, and I only hope that I can follow in her footsteps. Someone told me that the way a person dies is evidence of how they lived – tenfold. If this is true, then I hope that I can live in even half the way my mom did. I want to thank all of you for walking on this journey with me. You made it easier to bear, and I am grateful. For me, it was inspiring to read your words and hear your expressions of what you appreciated about my mom. I knew her well, in the context of being her daughter, but you have shared with me your experiences of her and things I did not know about her. I also appreciate you all allowing me to invite you into this experience. It has been therapeutic for me to be able to write to all of you, and it has helped a lot to know you are in this with me. I have always been a person who navigates life through music, and in the past few days, there are a few song lyrics that have stuck in my head. The most significant, I think, is from the song, "For the Times That I Feel Faint," by my favorite band, Relient K. The chorus of this song says:
"never underestimate my Jesus
when the world around you crumbles
He will be strong, He will be strong"
I am finding this to be true. Although the future holds uncertainty – I am a 22-year old college student who suddenly finds herself with a mortgage! – I am full of hope for the future, and excited to see what God has in store for me. If the support and love I have felt in the past weeks is any indication, then I have every reason to believe that the future will be bright. I am working on planning the memorial service, and will let you all know when it will be as soon as I can. With much appreciation,
Grace and Peace,

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