We Too Are Overcomers

I felt that this needed to be shared

As I’m wrestling with the typing of Question 3,

I just seem to be overwhelmed by all of the areas that
it seems that Satan is attacking & it kinda looks like he’s winning


Then right on time I feel that God tapped Pastor Doreen
to send this in & gave me some encouragement

I thought this might also give some encouragement to
others as well


Your Sister in Christ & Fellow Stander



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Thank You

Just as our
local power company took time to restore the power to our

home after
Hurricane Wilma, so did God take his time to restore my

The power company needed to make sure that everything was

fixed and
all the connections were intact.  Then they needed to make

sure that
other people around us were ready.  They needed to make

sure that
everything was 100% before they threw that switch, so that

the power
did not just flicker and then go off again, but comes on

and stays on
for good.  This is how God has restored my marriage to

wife.  After being separated for two years, we are finally

God will restore your marriage.  If you try to do it

your restoration will only be a 'flicker.'  Let God do it. 

He knows
what He is doing and He will do it right so that your

restoration brings permanent 'light' to your home.

We Are Overcomers!!

My friends,
when you trust God to heal and restore your home, you've

decided to
trust a WINNER.  God has never lost a battle.  You are on

the side of
a WINNER.  You will overcome this obstacle.  God has

lost.  No one can stand up to God.  Be strong and be firm while

you wait
upon God.  God will prove you, wait upon Him.

Know that
trial is God's method of bringing about this character

change that
I feel we need more revelation about.  Far too often

God's people
give satan credit for the circumstances of life.  It

seems to
them that satan has come to destroy.  Be aware, and know

that God is
in control, the devil is NOT.  God's control over His

creation is the basis for all Christian faith.

God's method
of building character is to test and try His people, and

often the
trials go past what the carnal mind will be able to accept

as having
come from God.  For this reason there is a desperate need to

go to the
scriptures and learn of a God that is far different from

what our
natural, carnal minds have conjured up.

We will use
as our beginning scripture a parable that our Lord told in

13:20-21, "He that receiveth the seed (Word) into stony places,

the same is
he that heareth the Word and anon with joy receiveth it;

yet hath he
not root in himself, but dureth for a while, for when

or persecution ariseth BECAUSE OF THE WORD, by and by he


My thought
to you concerning these verses is this:  God's Word

that He will PROVE His people by causing them to pass

through the
fire. Trials and tests are to be ours as we live for Him

and strive
to overcome our flesh.  But, Jesus said some will not have

revelation that God's Word has promised this kind of hard life. 

when tribulation and persecution come because of the Word

(the Word
that promised they will come), by and by this man without

root (the
Holy Ghost) will be offended.

This man
without the Holy Ghost will not catch the revelation that God

is the One
who ordains and controls the trials.  His natural mind will

conclude that satan has come to destroy him, and by and by

he is
offended.  He supposes that God should protect him from these

hard trials,
not understanding that his Father has actually ordained

them to
produce spiritual growth.

the revelation I wish to bring to you is that we must learn

of God's
ways and of His nature from the scriptures so that we may be

able to face
the problems of life with real faith and assurance that

it is
"He that orders our steps."  (Ps. 37:23)

My dear
friends, have you been OFFENDED lately by this situation in

marriage?  Have you been giving the enemy credit for upsetting

your life
that you supposed you had placed in God's hands?  Are you

harboring a
feeling that you have been, and perhaps are being

Do you have a real problem with PEOPLE misusing you?

Until we
rule out all second causes and understand that our own Father

orders and
measures each trial, and that according to our individual

need we will
not have peace of mind and will not grow spiritually as

we should.

God has
ordained that "The Overcomer" shall inherit the promises. 

Rev. 2:7,
Paul, in teaching about how God tried Abraham, said in Heb.

"By faith Abraham, when he was tried, offered up Isaac..." 

James said
in James
1:12, "Blessed is the man
that endureth

(and is not offended) for when he is tried He shall

receive the
crown of life."

I Peter 1:7,
Peter said, "That the trial of your faith being much more

than gold that perisheth, though it be tried with fire, might

be found
unto praise though it be tried with fire, might be found unto

praise and
honor and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ."

"The fining pot is for silver, and the furnace for gold,

but the Lord
trieth the hearts."

To make a
place for faith to work and be tested, the Lord has to allow

looking circumstances to come on us.

105:17-19, "He (God) sent a man before them, even Joseph, who was

sold for a
servant.  Whose feet they hurt with fetters.  He was laid

in iron
until the time that His Word came.  The Word of the Lord


Joseph was a
spiritual man.  He heard from God.  He walked in the

spirit, yet
God saw fit to put him through great trials.  Friends it

is the Elect
of God that He will PROVE through the furnace of

It is the death of SELF in us that our God requires and

He will not
stop short of that in dealing with His people.

In our
carnal minds we manufacture a God for ourselves.  We suppose we

know how a
loving God should conduct our lives and handle our affairs.

We think
that His godly love toward us will not allow us to do any

But that is not the God of the Scriptures!

The whole
Bible is the story of the testing and trials and hardships

of God's
people in a sin-cursed world.  How could we possibly have

missed the
revelation that our character must be refined in the

furnaces of
trials?  But many have completely missed this truth.

Moses was
born to deliver the Israelites.  His mother taught him about

God's call
for his life.  He grew up knowing he was to deliver his

But what trials he was to suffer in the process.  He was

charged with
murder and had to flee for his life.

Yes, the
burdens are heavy and will no doubt become heavier if we

don't trust
God, but if we can understand that we are delivered out of

the hands of
the enemy and that our lives are, "Hid with Christ in

and that every trial is measured by His loving hands, we will be

able to



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