Power of a Praying Wife Q1 – The Power Thoughts & Questions


The Power questions & thoughts


I feel the 1st page speaks to us in this group as if it were written for us

 “It’s (the power of a prayer) a gentle tool of RESTORATION appropriated through prayers of a wife who longs to DO right more than BE right & to Give LIFE more than Get Even.”


Although I’ve always considered Byron & I to be “as one”

 I was raised with that concept having seen successful “’til death do us part” family members all around me that wasn’t the case for Byron

who also seems to have an issue with God  since Mary didn’t take Byron to church & know Jesus as her personal savior to be able to instill that into Byron

He wasn’t taught to pray for even the family dinner on special holidays so with Byron now in MLC the selfishness is even more extreme & he reacts even more negatively on the idea of “Ours” & “Sharing” & “Responsibilities”


Byron always seemed to have trouble with that concept which is due to his family environment which had abandonment as a young child

& then an unsuccessful family blending when Mary finally sent for her boys &

in a couple of yrs after that Mary married Jim & moved in with his 3 boys

5 boys all fighting 1st Jim’s boys against Mary’s boys &

Byron of course had his older brother picking on him as only older brothers can


No one shared or was taught to share in that household

& it is in this environment that Byron learned that to fit in he could appease by giving food, money & doing favors for the others

Byron’s moocher gang “friends” & Mary encourage the separation each for their own selfish reasons to keep Byron’s self esteem low while he’s seeking approval & acceptance


While Byron’s in his MLC there’s very little team work between us,

Prior to the MLC there was some but with difficulty because Byron wasn’t raised in a co-operative family style it was basically everyone for himself there & Byron has carried that into his adult life


So my prayer is that Byron’s eyes will be opened to the fact that contrary to his past life experiences

I am his helpmate, true friend, lover & working for his benefit & best interests &

That Byron have his eyes opened to the fact that those who

Byron’s been trying to buy their affection, acceptance & being able to “fit in” are unworthy of his attention

I pray that Byron’s eyes will be opened so that we’ll be able to start working as a team & being as one flesh as God intended for us to be

& for God to show me how to make it easier for us to work together as a team because right now everything which I try to do to make things better for us is met with resistance & anger

& God give me more patience while I wait for Byron to go thru this Prodigal Period of MLC & give me the strength to keep Standing for my marriage

& help me to ignore those who are naysayers

In Jesus’ name I ask this knowing that You Heavenly Father are in control & You answer our prayers in Your Time even if I can’t see that You are at work or get impatient because I don’t see answers immediately


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1 Response to Power of a Praying Wife Q1 – The Power Thoughts & Questions

  1. Unknown says:

    Hello, I was doing a search on blogger and found you. I had searched for "standing for my marriage" to see if I could find other blogs or spaces of people who are standing for their marriage. I\’ve not had a chance yet to read much of your site, but I wanted to let you know I\’m on the same journey that you are on. Maybe in a different area of the country, but we still serve and are looking to the same God for our answers. I just wanted to invite you to look at my blog. I believe it\’s the same set up as yours, as in the first page is at the bottom so you have to start backwards if you wanna start from the beginning. I\’ll be praying for ya girl. I may not know you, but I know the pain that a husband leaving causes. In Christ,Dee Harker from West Virginia

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