HHmm How’s Your 13th going?

Well it’s Friday the 13th 2006
a day which many people fear I can’t remember the reason
why Friday the 13th started getting a bad rap
but it’s not one of my "superstitions"
Broken mirrors get 7 yrs of bad luck? – ok the only reason I fear broken mirrors is due to the small broken shards that result & have had the bad luck to pick up in the bottom of my foot or cutting my fingers while trying to pick up the pieces of the broken mirror
Avoiding walking under ladders simply makes sense – you could either hurt yourself by knocking something over thats on top of the ladder or hurt someone who’s standing on top of the ladder
but could someone explain the concept of why not to "split a pole" while people are walking together? I’ve been yanked by people who i’ve been walking & talking with who didn’t want me to walk around a pole & for the pain no one’s been able to explain to me the why of what they were yanking me for other than that i’m not suppose to "split the pole"
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