Talking about Windows Live Messenger Beta – Released

Anyone taking the beta test on the new messenger? I just found out about it & think I’m going to give it a try if they’re still looking for testers



Windows Live Messenger Beta – Released

 posted by Leah


  •  I want comments to be fun & useful, so use this feature to tell the team and the world your thoughts good/bad about Messenger.
  •  From now on, no more beta requests, they’ll be deleted. I’ve heard RUMORS that we’ll set up a waiting list soon, and believe me, if that happens, you guys will be the first to know where to go.
  •  If you’ve left a comment asking to be a beta tester, i’ve copied your address and deleted your comment. I will add these to the waiting list, once it exists. *


Today, the cat is out of the bag!


You: “Which cat? What Bag?”


The Windows Live Messenger Cat is out of the Microsoft Bag!


You: Cats? Bags? What are you talking about?


I don’t know, it’s an expression, work with me.


You: What if I’m allergic to cats? And have bag-a-phobia?


Seriously, it’s just the expression I’m using to announce that:


Windows Live Messenge

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1 Response to Talking about Windows Live Messenger Beta – Released

  1. Leah says:

    Hey! i\’m glad you\’re excited about windows live messenger – if you still need an invite to the beta, send me an email and i\’ll get you one.

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