An email I got I wanted to share

From our upcoming church newsletter

Point From The Pastor



I don’t know about you but I’m glad that 2005 is history and I have a new opportunity to start over again.  I always loved the coming of a new year

because it is such an illustration of God’s redemption.  He constantly wipes my sinful slate clean and allows me to start over again.  I become a new

creation everyday because of His Grace.


So again with this New Year 2006, I have decided to put my past mistakes, failures and even accomplishments behind me.  Their only usefulness to me is the lesson that I have gleaned and the glory that was given to God.  But before doing this, I had to forgive. I had to forgive myself, forgive others and most importantly forgive God.  Haven’t you ever thought or felt, if God does what He has done to me… to His friends, then maybe I don’t want to be one."  Well I’ve said it many times.  God you’re just not fair and sometimes you’re down right mean for allowing all this stuff to happen.  If you have ever been hurt deeply it leaves a scar, one that only He can remove.  So I had to forgive Him deeply.  In order to have a successful New year, I had to successfully release the old and everyone in it.



I want 2006 to be a year of ABUNDANCE….Abundant prayer, Abundant mercy, Abundant Joy, Abundant Peace, Abundant Grace…you get the picture.  I want all that Christ has for me in 2006 and that is Abundance.  He came that we all might have abundant life.  So… 2006 may not bring less calamity or more money but if we have more of Christ we will have rich Abundance of EVERYTHING.  To have more of Christ and His power at work within us, we would have it all!


2005 really wasn’t that bad for those of us who believe in Christ.  We have the great promise from the Word, everything that happened in 2005, good or

bad, conformed us to the image of God’s Son.  Therefore, all of us look a little bit more like our Savior.  What an honor to have a family resemblance to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.


I hope to cash in on that family resemblance when my next catastrophe occurs or when I do something well.  I pray that in both instances I will glory only in the cross and the Joy of God will be my strength.   Forgive, Release, & Renew in 2006. You have been given a new slate to write a new chapter in your book, in your marriage, in your relationships and your walk with God.  Any of us who hold on to 2005 need to take note: Holding on to the past deludes our minds, does irreparable damage to relationships and blinds us to today.  Let Go and Let God give you a fresh start…it’s yours for the taking.  Live in His Abundance in 2006

  ~Pastor D


I got this email from a friend & wanted to share it with everyone – i don’t know the name of the church but maybe later i can add it to the post to give proper credit

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