Wow how far I’ve come

Wow as I’m going thru & cleaning out my DB Home section of threads that are full & locked
or the people have moved on or I know I can’t help – i’ve come such a long way since nov 02 when i 1st found 02 & byron’s mlc was showing it’s ugly head & the roller coaster started in full twist & turning that goes along with mid life crisis
yesterday was byron’s 40th birthday & he didn’t show up which althou i suspected he might not it still hurt that he’d rather go wasting the last of the pay on the moochers who he’s allowed to get us in debt by paying the bar tab, buying all the booze & party food & all the while he’s been neglecting the bills which needed to be paid & to keep up appearances & buy the affection of his "friends" he’s wasted the down payment money we had for our own home purchase & gone into the 401k at least 2 times that I know of
after byron was coming over every nite wednesday thursday & firday i was kinda wondering if maybe byron’s finally starting to go thru the mlc tunnel & realising that the moocher gang don’t care about him other than how his finances affect them by having less drinking due to byron’s not having the extra cash to waste on them –
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