Boy am I tired

I’m so tired that I don’t know what to do with myself
I’m not sleeping too well
the futon has developed a dip where everyone is sitting on it
& i think that’s whats making it so uncomfortable
I wake up in the middle of the nite
Byron had jury duty on wednesday
he surprised me ringing the door bell a little after 1p
since daughter & g-son were already here
we had a nice afternoon & the last of the christams gifts were given out with him sorta bearing a gift as well
a toaster oven which was perfect timeing since dauhgter’s microwave had just finally died
i took a few pictures but right now the disks are tempoarily lost
byron knew that he really screwed up on new years eve
as he was entering the house he was offering me his car keys
so that we could trade cars for the day
but with no advance notice & having been up all nite
i wasn’t going to be able to drive out to ny to see my dad
i gave him a hug & told him i’m still mad
he said yeah i know & hugged me real tight
i pointed out a few items that i’d wanted him to put up for me
byron left to go back to the jury pool around 1:30ish
& left most of his cigs with me since i was out
byron was let out of court shortly after 4 i guess
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